Zuma booing – Blade lashes out

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Blade booing Zuma booers

SA Communist Party secretary, Blade Nzimande, lashed out at the crowd that booed President Jacob Zuma during Madiba’s memorial service at the FNB Stadium during December 2013.

Earlier this week, Blade Nzimande was a speaker at the Moses Mabhida Stadium during an event commemorating the life of Nelson Mandela. He said that those who booed President Zuma had insulted the President’s dignity and embarrased the country. He undertook to have the booing culprits identified, named and shamed.

How does he plan to have each and every person booing Zuma identified? Then, what does he plan to do? Give them fines, throw them in jail … or worse?

This way of thinking reminds one of the communist way of ruling the masses through fear.

Is retaliation the answer or does it just constitute yet another governmental boo-boo?

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Crowd booing Zuma at FNB

Mandela Legacy vs Zuma booing

Blade Nzimande further told the crowd that the best way to honour Madiba was to ensure that the ANC remains in power.

If the ANC, as the current governing political party, wants to honour Madiba, they’ll have to start doing things differently. The ANC will have to sit down and seriously consider party policies, leadership and the way the party is perceived by the South African public.

The best way to honour Madiba is to govern the country in an honourable, transparent way.

Is that possible or is a shift of political power needed?

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