How to Walk tall and do what you love

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Do what you Love & Walk comfortably in your OWN shoes

We humans are multi-complex beings harboring our own unique interests, curiosities, loves and peeves.  We’re all divinely afforded one life and what we make of it, is up to us.  Life owes us nothing and if we don’t make a conscious decision to make the most of it, it’ll simply leave us behind.  Life is short, so start living it the way YOU want to live it – right now!

Les Brown, motivational speaker and author, advised:  “Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.”  How true.  When you’re on your death bed, you don’t want to look back on the life you’ve lead and be filled with remorse and regret for all the opportunities that went to waste because YOU didn’t have the courage to make a grab for it.

When you’ve the guts to do what you love, you’ll be rewarded with a sense of purpose and direction in life. Your life will feel and become more meaningful.  You’ll be abuzz with creative energy and positive flow and will look forward to every waking moment to pursue your special interest.  Life is to be enjoyed, not simply endured!

For you to walk comfortably in your own shoes, you need to refuse to settle for second best, and not give up on your dreams and aspirations.

Consider the following scenarios:

Negative Scenario 1: You hate what you do… you’re wearing someone else’s shoes

You drag yourself to work, resentful of the fact that you’ll be computing numbers all day long. You feel frustrated, bored and unfulfilled.  You struggle to concentrate on your work and your mind keeps wandering. You second-guess yourself and feelings of doubt and despair cloud your every judgment. Negative thinking and worrying are your constant companions.  You lack initiative and motivation.  You only do what’s expected of you in order to pick up your paycheck at the end of the month.

Positive Scenario 2: You love what you do… you’re wearing your own shoes

You can’t wait to start working on the exciting new project waiting on your desk.  You’re positively brimming with new ideas and feel passionate and alive. You’re experiencing boundless levels of energy and feel positive and highly motivated to make a success of the job at hand.  You’re confident that you’re doing the right thing.  You do more than what is expected of you and give your utmost.  The paycheck at the end of the month is simply a bonus as you already feel rewarded just by doing the things you love.

If you want to start living a more meaningful life, you’ll need to reconsider the influence other people’s opinions, expectations and perceptions have on your life.  Are you doing what you hate because you want to conform to other people’s ideas of success?

It is time to identify your own personal vision of success.  The choice is yours.  Do what you hate and be miserable in a Ferrari, or do what you love and be happy in a rusted sedan.  Chances are, if you do what you love passionately and work hard at it, you may end up parking the Ferrari in your driveway anyway.

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