Vital Information about Traffic Fines

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Traffic Officers

Traffic Fines around every corner

According to the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO), you can get traffic fines for the following traffic offenses and motorist behavior:

Lack of emergency triangle in car: Fine R500

If your vehicle was first registered on or after 1 July 2006, you have to have an emergency triangle in your boot or car. Older cars do not need one. Question is, why not? Aren’t the older cars more likely to break down? Charge code 2863 applies.

Number Plate not legible: Fine R500

You can be fined quite a stiff fine if your vehicle is driven on a public road with a number plate not clearly legible or visible. Charge code 1207 applies.

No Registration and License: Fine R1 000

The owner of a vehicle that was not registered and licensed or not licensed will be fined. Charge code 1250 applies.

Failure to comply with Traffic Officer Instruction: Fine R500

Failure to comply with an instruction or direction given by a traffic officer will result in a fine. If you obtruct, hinder or interfere with a Traffic Officer on duty you will also be fined. Charge code 1 000 applies.

Class of Vehicle: Fine R1 250

You will be fined a whopping R1 250 if you drive or operate a vehicle that you are not licensed for. This refers to class of vehicle, so you may not drive a truck if you don’t have a license that permits you to do that. Charge code 1 700 applies.

No Driver’s License: Fine R1 250

If you operate a vehicle without an A1 code driving licence issued to you, or of any document deemed to be a driving license, you can be sure to receive a fine. Charge code 1702 applies.

No License in vehicle: Fine R500

You will lose R500 if you drive around without your driver’s license in the car. Charge code 1710 applies.

Rather  follow the rules and regulations, before you end up with a few traffic fines in your possession.

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