Valentines Day: She loves me/ She loves me not

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Find out if she loves you on this Valentines Day

Guys, this is a guide to finding out whether she loves you or not. Girls are not as shy as what they used to be anymore and they frequently ask a guy on a date. That’s all fine, but when you have been dating for some time, how do you know if she loves you? Or not? Is she sending mixed signals? Are you a little bit confused? You’ll know on this Valentines Day if she shows any of the behavior patterns listed below.

3 Ways to find out if she loves you or not on Valentines Day

The three ways to find out if she loves you is a foolproof wy that works and you will know whether you should keep on dating her or not.

1 You give her a lovely Valentines Day card with the words “I love you”.

She loves you: She blushes and waits for you to kiss her. Or she kisses you.

She doesn’t love you: She looks bored, says thanks and gets away as soon as possible.

2 You surprise her with a huge bunch of lovely red roses on Valentines Day.

She loves you: She takes them, smells them, holds them close to her and kisses you.

She doesn’t love you: She takes it, says “You shouldn’t have”, holds the flowers upside down by their stems and walks away.

3. You book a table at a special restaurant for a Valentine’s dinner with candles, flowers, the works.

She loves you: She smiles beautifully, gazes at you in the candlelight with admiration and she only has eyes for you …

She doesn’t love you: She looks around the restaurant a lot, sighs and keeps on glancing at her watch …

These actions will tell you if she loves you or not. If she loves you, good for you! If not, well, quit while you’re ahead and maybe next year you’ll have better luck.

Happy Valentines Day!

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