Valentines Day: He loves me or he loves me not

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Valentines Day: Does he love me or not?

Girls, this is a great guide to finding out whether he loves you or not. We all know that some guys are real Romeo’s and others … well, you never know what they feel. Let’s assume that you have been dating this guy for some time and you know he cares about you, but does he love you?

10 Ways to find out if he loves you or not on this Valentines Day

The 10 ways to find out if he loves you really, really works and you will know whether you should keep on dating him or not. Let’s concentrate on 5 ways to tell if he does not love you first:

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He does not love you:

1. He gives you a bizarre Valentines Card that says something like: “Do you want to be my Valentine? Surprise!” Of course, there are lots of evil-looking little icons on the card.

2. He gives you an old box of chocolates, maybe something he delved out from the back of his closet.

3. He tells you he cannot take you on a Valentines Day dinner because he’s saving for a new car.

4. He gives you some red roses on Valentines Day, but develops a sudden headache and leaves about twenty minutes after he got there.

5.He gives you a Valentines Day card with the wording: “Let’s just take it slow”.

Better let him go, girl!

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Valentine Love
He loves you:

1. He showers you with love, flowers and kisses. He spoils you all he can.

2. He actually remembers Valentines Day and takes you out to dinner instead of going to his pals.

3. He leaves you little clues everywhere and gives you a really special gift.

4. He actually looks nervous and asks you to be his girl, after giving you a lovely card and at least a bunch of flowers.

5. He gets down on his knee and proposes, with a shiny ring in one hand …

This guy is for keeps!

Happy Valentines Day!


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