Trends and problems in Health Insurance

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Do YOU have adequate health insurance?

Omitting Health Insurance – a trend and pressing problem worldwide

While many people, retired or working, have health cover through employer-sponsored plans, many workers and their families are uninsured because their employer doesn’t offer a health insurance plan and they cannot afford health insurance. Then there are millions of people without employment and obviously no way of obtaining health insurance other than state care, if it is available in their home country.

In some countries there are Health Insurance programs which help fill in the gaps for children from low income families and some of the parents, but the reach of these programs is limited. As a result, the millions without health insurance face undesirable health consequences because of delayed health care.


Snowball effect of no Health Insurance

Extending coverage to the uninsured should be an international priority. The number of people without health insurance is a worldwide calamity today.

Health insurance premiums have become too expensive for even middle class families to afford. In turn the uninsured are incapable to cover medical costs which sometimes result in the financial wreck of a family, and in turn results in the ongoing loss of income to the medical society. In turn the cost of medical expenses is driven higher. In the end it comes back to the insurance companies which then must drive the premiums of health insurance higher to help cover the rising cost of health care. The loss of income to the medical community creates a trend of medical professionals leaving their home country to countries where they will be remunerated according to their skills and knowledge. A sad loss to their countries of birth, both of skills and taxes.


Consequences of no Health Insurance

Conditions that would have been caught before it became severe are only found in a progressed state, because the person didn’t seek treatment due to not having insurance coverage.

If a person becomes capable to afford Health Insurance later on in life, it is more than likely he has developed pre-existing conditions that private insurance companies will exclude from coverage anyway.  An application could even be declined for this reason. Applicants who didn’t have coverage for a certain length of time, are also penalized by the loading of their premiums.

Until a solution is found the only thing that the seeker of health insurance can do, is to compare all of the options to find the lesser of all of the evils. Often the choice is the biggest evil of going without coverage.