To Bribe or not to Bribe

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Is it acceptable to bribe?

When I heard last week that South Africa had been accused of bribing the FIFA Decision Makers to bring the World Cup to our continent, I was shocked. The first thought that went through my mind was, ‘not another black mark against our name’.

One of our proudest moments as a nation, watching our Madiba on that field, waving to the hundreds of thousands, millions even, spectators watching both in person and on the television screen. The pride we felt as our vuvuzelas were heard across the globe. Knowing that all eyes were on us. A moment of unity, of togetherness, of Ubuntu.

Only to have it dashed, five years later, into smithereens. As South Africans, bribery and corruption is certainly not a foreign word. More like a daily occurrence. A part of our ethos and our culture. Terrible thing to have to admit to, but we all know it is true. We are taught from a presidential level how to manipulate the facts as best suits us.

Let us hope as a nation that these latest allegations prove to be false and as a nation we may hold our heads high!


This article originally posted on and re-posted here with permission.