The TOP 10 Bad Driving Habits

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Bad Driving Habits

Bad driving habits that annoy other drivers

South Africa and the UK have something in common; the bad driving habits of tailgating and failing to use indicators especially when overtaking another vehicle or going into and exiting a traffic circle. Actually people all over the world don’t know how to indicate at a traffic circle.

Of all the bad driving habits, two out of three drivers in surveys hated being tailgated and most drivers get extremely agitated when others don’t indicate before changing lanes. Another bad driving habit is inconsideration and lack of lane discipline. In South Africa many drivers think they own the lane they are using, especially on the five lane freeway between Pretoria and Johannesburg.

As long as these misbehaviours go unpunished in both countries, it will become more common. It might seem less serious, but it is equally dangerous to other traffic offenses.

In the UK drivers are disappointed at the behavior of fellow drivers who don’t show gratitude for being let through or allowed to pass. This is the case in SA too! No more emergency indicators used to thank the driver that moved into the yellow line so he/she could pass.

South African drivers, come on, lets show some consideration to other road users again. It is up to you and me to avoid poor and dangerous driving habits.

Top 10 bad driving habits

• Tailgating, driving too close to the car in front. What became of safe following distances?

• Drivers cutting in and reducing the gap between you and the vehicle ahead. The gap that you created for safety.

• Talking on the cellphone and steering with only one hand.

• Drivers not indicating before turning.

• Drivers turning around to talk to passengers in the back or to yell at the kids.

• Driving much below the applicable speed limit. Crawling actually.

• Trucks attempting to overtake other vehicles when their speed is too low.

• Drivers scrounging for things in the backseat

• Drivers not letting you in and preventing you from moving/joining lanes.

• Drivers pushing into a parking when another driver already indicated the intention to park and was waiting their turn.

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