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Oscar Pistorius: Behind the Glitz & Glamour

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Who is Oscar Pistorius really?

We are all familiar with the man on the track, geared and psyched up before a race, the Paralympic athlete also known as Blade Runner. Viewers from across the world watched as Oscar won the 400m gold during the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, UK and everybody shared in his elation.

An icon on a pedestal

Oscar Pistorius may have become an icon on a pedestal in South Africa, being the personification of overcoming adversity and rising above personal limits and adverse circumstances. Oscar became a household name and he seemed to be the golden boy of South Africa, doing no wrong. But, what is Oscar up to in his free time, when he is not in the public eye and who is he really?

We have no idea who Oscar Pistorius is except for that brief time that he is on the track in front of us.” As quoted from: Christine Brennan, sports columnist and commentator for ABC News).

Does that not apply to all of us? We choose what we want to make public and what not.

Except, most of us do not shoot our lovers, lie about gun misdemeanors and shoot guns randomly through the sunroof of a car … We also mostly do not ask our friends to take the blame for our actions.

Living the fast life

Oscar loves fast cars, beautiful girls, dirt bikes, guns, pet tigers and the best money can buy. He invested in race horses and wanted to buy a McLaren supercar. According to abcNEWS, Michael Sokolove, a sports writer for the New York Times and friend of Oscar, said the following after they spent some time together during 2011: “We were driving 150 miles an hour. There was a point that it was raining. We were on some state’s turnpike, and he’s weaving in between cars and tailgating them. And just really insane driving. He saw it as sport. But I feared he would hurt himself.

Another time, Oscar wiped out on his dirt bike, losing one of his artificial legs in the process. He just joked about the incident afterwards. During 2009, Pistorius raced a speedboat and hit a submerged pier on the Vaal River, injuring himself seriously.

Apparently,  a substantial amount of empty liquor bottles were found in the boat on recovery. Nothing was said about the incident and his injuries were marginalized.

Is Oscar Pistorius trigger-happy?

His fascination with guns has come to light during the broadcast of The Oscar Trial. The incident at Tacha’s restaurant where he (accidentally) fired a shot and then asked his friend to cover for him, does not reflect on Pistorius in a good way. Another incident, where he shot a gun through the sunroof of a car just proves that he is not a responsible fire-arm owner.

These are the incidents that came to light. Are there more?

Who exactly is Oscar Pistorius?

This question is on everybody’s mind and as the layers of the life of Oscar Pistorius unfold, we are beginning to see a very different picture …

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