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Proud to live in South Africa

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We are very lucky to be living in South Africa

 Lucky to be living in South Africa? “What the …!” I hear you say. “Just look at the news, read the papers, look around you, for goodness’ sake! It’s mayhem, corruption, murder and economic collapse everywhere!” you rant.

 OK, it is true that South Africa experiences many problems. There are incompetent leaders and many inert civil servants, there is crime and employment is a big problem. Yet, there are also many things that can justifiably make you proud of living in South Africa. Just forget about the negative issues for the moment, and think about the positive.

We have the Mandela legacy

 Nelson Mandela left each and every South African a priceless legacy. He serves as an example of what can be achieved. No other country in the world boasts such a powerful legacy by a man that will forever remain a giant in the eyes of the world. If everybody strives to follow this example, South Africa will become a giant amongst nations. We are lucky to have received such a generous legacy.

We have unparalleled beauty

 Every country has beauty, but none can  surpass the all-encompassing variety that South Africa has. We have spectacular nature reserves and is home to the biggest variety of fauna and flora in the world. We have magnificent beaches, sunshine all year round, majestic mountains and mysterious forests. South Africa is the cradle of mankind and boasts one of the seven natural wonders of the world. We are lucky to live here!

We are free

 The Constitution of South Africa grants all citizens a level of freedom that is the envy of people living in most  other countries. Just look at how successful civil organisations have been in challenging the government in court. Their successes mean that the system works! We are free to be whoever we are, to associate with whomever we will, to worship in the way we choose to and to marry whomever we want, even someone of the same gender! Yes, we are lucky to be free in South Africa.

So, stop a minute and count your blessings

 These are just three reasons why we are lucky to be living in South Africa. There are many more. Perhaps things will be better if we count our blessings instead of complaining all the time.

NekNomination gets a new Jacket

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NekNomination’s new SA Jacket

What is Neknomination?

Neknomination is an online drinking game that originated in Australia. The neknominee or participant has to down a beer or other alcoholic drink, post the clip on youtube and nominate the next participant or neknominee. The new nominee has to complete the same task within 24 hours and so on. Many of the participants were drinking while driving and that increased the danger of the game.

A South African changed this scenario for the better when he decided it’s time that neknomination gets a new jacket. He started an entirely new challenge.

NekNomination gets a new Jacket: South African version

Brent Lindeque changed this global social media game from “drinking until you drop” to “change one thing”. This inspirational change to the previous dangerous online game went viral within a couple of hours.

A few days after Lindeque wrote a blog post about the accountability of Social Media, he was nominated to down a drink and then decided to rather follow his own advice as related in his blog post. So, what did he do?

The video that ensured that neknomination gets a new jacket, is shot in Lindeque’s car. Watch the clip below:

A South African NekNomination

Brent Lindeque: “Change one thing and everything changes”

He pays it forward by using the neknomination craze for something more constructive, safer and positive.

Hats off to Brent!



Video: Courtesy of youtube: Brent Lindeque