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DA promises R1 rent for Gauteng small businesses

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Owners of struggling Gauteng small businesses, pay attention!

If the DA wins the Gauteng province in the next election, they will rent office space to small businesses in Gauteng for a R1 a year. That is a promise by the party’s Gauteng premier candidate Mmusi Maimane. This was done at the DA’s provincial manifesto launch in Johannesburg.

Small businesses should not be left struggling to pay rent, when so many government buildings in Gauteng are vacant or half empty. 55% of the land in the province is owned by government. By saying this Maimane reminded every person with a small business idea, that this is their fight too.

The banners on the stage promoted change. DA leader Helen Zille declared that Maimane was the right man to lead Gauteng as he is a man of integrity, intelligence and determination. Most of the people dressed in DA attire, responded with song and cheering.

Change is possible in Gauteng and for Gauteng small businesses

Maimane told the crowd that change was never as possible as now. He is determined to win the election and bring that change through the DA. The party will fight for quality housing and title deeds for the people of the province, as almost 700 000 people are still waiting for their own house and title deed. That after 20 years of ANC governance.

Besides housing, Maimane’s focus is on job creation and he insisted that supporters fight for policies that creates jobs. It is his opinion that the ANC government, through e-tolls, is inhibiting job opportunities. Apparently Shoprite’s e-toll bill is already R4m. To pay this they will increase food prices and leave customers poorer.

The DA will also fight against crime so that no citizen of Gauteng has to live in fear of crime. Drug lords are reportedly operating from government housing. Maimane pledged solemnly to evict drug lords from all public property.

The DA will have a drug squad, a gang unit and a domestic violence unit established in Gauteng and they will fight against government corruption by cutting luxuries for government officials.

That is change for sure!


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