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The petrol price is not the price we pay

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Maybe it’s time to think differently – in at least 5 areas:

  1. Damage: Human beings are funny creatures. We claim that consciousness makes us superior to the other animal species, but no other species does as much harm to a) themselves or b) the planet we live on as homo sapiens.
  2. Arrogance: Only when people are forced to their knees, do they begin praying. Our ‘stuck-ness’ in our comfort zone prevents us from becoming humble before we are absolutely forced to become humble.
  3. We can, but … :  We are NOT (even though our technology is supposedly so magnificent) going to invent vehicles and other petrol guzzling, Mother Earth destroying devices unless we no longer have petrol. We are exploiters and addicted to our instant gratifications. We lack vision and are too selfish to think of the destruction we cause – even to the inhospitable planet we are fast creating for our children’s children.
  4. The environment: Everybody knows that fossil fuels will run out but also that we cause enormous damage in the process of extracting it. Greed is a very effective blinker – nobody wants to think (let alone talk) about the ecological implications of our dependency on petrol.
  5. Mineral wealth Shapes History: When gold was discovered on the Witwatersrand in the fledgling Republic, more that one of the old Boer leaders lamented the fact, knowing that it would bring blood to the land. How right they were: Cecil John Rhodes and Milner engineered a war to be able to steal the resources of this country, nearly managed the genocide of the Afrikaner Nation, and destroyed indigenous cultures to create a slave labour system with which to obtain it. The spilling of blood continues – Marikana is but one. Look at the areas of conflict in the world: ISIL now occupies oil fields. America’s so-called “peace keeping” interventions would have been rather less inclined to interfere if there was no oil.

Denial is one of the strongest aspects of human behaviour. Every time the petrol price goes up, let’s cheer rather than weep. Maybe if it goes up far and fast enough, we might start THINKING of alternative and green sources of energy. The wind and the sun can be harnessed, and nobody can go to war to grab Mother Nature’s free gifts for themselves.