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Off the Grid – Hotel Verde

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Hotel Celebrates Earth Hour Weekly

The award-winning and internationally acclaimed Hotel Verde takes the concept of living off the grid a step further by celebrating Earth Hour* weekly. On Wednesday evenings all non-essential lights and appliances are switched off and the venue is lit by candles and solar-powered jars. Guests are treated to a live jazz show, an electricity free buffet and a la carte menu.

Africa’s Greenest Hotel

When it comes to living off the grid and embracing sustainable energy, Hotel Verde, the greenest hotel on the African continent, proudly leads the pack. This 4-star hotel, conveniently situated only 400m from Cape Town International Airport, showcases state-of-the-art innovations and technologies pertaining to eco-friendly building practices and design, sustainable operations, and effective usage of water and electricity.

Tripadvisor added Hotel Verde to their 2015 Travellers’ Choice list of 25 Top Bargain Hotels in South Africa. The hotel’s certified with Heritage Platinum for its Environmental Management System, and is also the first hotel in Africa to be certified with Platinum LEED™ for New Construction. They also received the Best City Hotel award at the 2014 World Travel Market in London.

Harvesting Green Energy

The hotel’s commitment to harvesting renewable energy is evident – it uses 3 vertical axis wind turbines and 220 solar photovoltaic panels to generate electricity. Power generating gym equipment and regenerative-drive elevators feed electricity back into the grid when in use. Double-glazed windows, energy-efficient LED-lighting and other clever energy-saving features such as well-insulated hot water pipes, green star equipment and motion sensor lighting contribute to saving as much energy as possible.

Guests not only receive a Carbon Off-Setting certificate to endorse their carbon-neutral stay at the hotel but they also earn Verdinos – the hotel’s in-house currency – to trade in at the deli or bar. These incentives encourage visitors to help make their stay as green as possible by, for instance, not switching on the air-conditioning.

Visit Hotel Verde for an award-winning eco-chic hotel experience and be inspired to take a chance at living off the grid.

* A WWF-initiative, Earth Hour is a synchronised global gesture to express concern around climate change and highlight the need for sustainable energy. Every year participants from 160 countries voluntarily switch off their lights between 8:30 – 9:30 on the last Saturday of March.