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Is the missing lion waiting to pounce?

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Is the missing lion lurking, waiting to pounce

                     … or is he a figment of our subconscious fears ? 

Let’s face it, the world is currently in a bit of a state, with war and war-induced famine, strikes and greed-induced unrest, millions of displaced and diseased wanderers, missing children and destroyed ancient artifacts. Angry megalomaniacs cause untold harm and pain in the name of God, political power, economic prowess, nationalism and progress. Underlying all the “sound and fury” I detect the same old, same old “I know what is good and right for you” and “I am sure as hell going to make sure you get it even if it kills you.” The supreme arrogance behind much of the suffering in the world today is astonishing in its scope, sickening in its selfishness and horrifying in its self-righteous complacency. Nobody can convince me that this is God slapping down sinners again (Whose God and whose definition of sin?). This pain is man-made. The missing lion who threatens us is not the instrument of some deity; it lives inside ourselves.

Natural disaster

Onto the world stage where we “strut and fret” during humankind’s brief moment in time, the planet shrugs and nature puts us in our place: earthquake, flood, volcano, tsunami and typhoon. One would think we human beings would stop for one moment in our chase after material things, religious justification, political power and nuclear weapons, but oh no:


The lion lurks tonight

It is interesting how much publicity the lion lost from Tbilisi Zoo is getting; rather more than the earthquake victims of Kathmandu where nearly 5000 people died (one family lost 18 people) and 10 000 people are homeless. The capital of Georgia has been flooded 5 times before, but once more no preventive measures have been made for the animals. Hundreds of dangerous animals escaped when the river Vere caused landslides after heavy rain, yet they have not attacked people. A rare white lion was shot.

Why? – Symbolic shape of our inner ruthlessness.

The threat posed by a lion was in all likelihood one of the motivations behind the invention of human language. A way had to be found to warn others of the species homo sapiens against things that lurk near the water source or along the path to where the berries grow. It is an old, old fear that we humans carry. Yet I propose that the most dangerous animal on earth is man. How many people were killed by lions so far in 2015, and how many by men?

If I were you, dear missing lion, I’d stay far away from people. They are not a very admirable species.

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