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Get away with crime rhymes

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Do you have criminal inclinations? – S.A. beats all other destinations

One does not really feel that the police are combating crime effectively in South Africa, does one? One feels rather sorry for them, too. Many lives of policemen and women have been lost. They have to deal with the consequences of politically appointed leadership, collusion between criminals and their fat cat leaders, corruption in local government positions (millions have gone into private pockets instead of into developing health and housing projects), poverty and frustration, porous borders and previous history … and when finally somebody does get arrested, they are not convicted based on failures in the system or are released due to downright preferential treatment.

One has to laugh … or emigrate – so here goes:

  1. Zuma’s financial adviser, Schabir Shaik

While in prison orders in pizza and cake,

Diabetes and illness he didn’t have to fake

He really was ill from chips and steak.

  1. Omar al-Bashir bombs his fellow Sudanese

Then refuses humanitarian aid if you please

The ICC wants him for crimes and for genocide

South African treats him like a longed for bride.

  1. Shrien Dewani is a clever rich fellow

South African courts will all turn yellow

Need to murder somebody who stands in your way?

South Africa is the place to come and stay.

  1. Oscar Pistorius must have secret means

Ten months after killing the girl of his dreams

He is ready to be free … well relatively

When others for lesser crimes incarcerated will be.

  1. Riah Phiyega shows maturity on her mission

Sending sms messages of charming erudition

Doing the dirty work for political allies it seems

Guarantees one a place in this land of our dreams.

  1. Jackie Selebi’s parole was granted for reasons renal

He took bribes from dealers and all types of criminal

He set the tone for how policing should be done

Of punishment for crime there soon will be none.

  1. Bheki Cele’s wife traffics drug effectively

Police chief wives can operate imperiously

He himself investigated for several charges too

Still walks ‘round spouting wisdoms doubtless true.

Celebrity status can be achieved – all you have to do is be rich enough. How you get all that money is beside the point. Shame is such an out-dated notion. It seems to me that if the crime is rewarding enough (the criminals all seem to live in multi-million mansions) or the media hype loud enough, that you can get away with anything.