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How to find your own AHA Moment (2)

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How to ACT on your AHA Moment

In the first article, How to find your own AHA Moment (1), we have learnt that an AHA Moment is a specific moment in your life when you realize that you need to make a few changes in your life. This applies to your career, personal life or even both. This is a life changing moment that allows you to make meaningful changes while you still have time.

Your Personal AHA Moment

After reading the first article, you have had to answer some questions that involved an amount of soul searching. By answering the questions put to you, you had to consider your emotions and motives for wanting change in your life.

What to do with your AHA Moment

Now that you know what you want to change in your life, the way forward is to consider the best ways and means to effect that change.

Your Job or Career Choice

In most instances, the majority of people are dissatisfied about the jobs they are in and the career choices they made. Maybe you studied what was expected of you and never really considered something else. Another possibility is that you made a choice to study for a specific career and a few years in, you discover that you are unhappy and would love to make a change. If you are in a job that leaves you drained and with little time for yourself or your loved ones, the time may be perfect for a change.

What about the Risk of changing Careers or Jobs?

The safest way to go about making a career change or starting to work for yourself is to find somebody that has done it. Speak to a knowledgeable person in order to lower risk and take the process step by step.

This does not mean that you have to quit your job right now and hope for the best. No, the correct way is to plan your future actions and thus lower the risk factor considerably.

Case Study: Success after an AHA Moment

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Willem Gous acted on his AHA Moment and never looked back!

Willem Gous  – entrepreneur and successful businessman, took a chance after years of working at jobs that were wrong for him. He grew up not really getting the chance to spend quality time with his father, because his father was always working. Willem grew up, believing that the harder you worked, the better person you are. He worked his fingers to the bone, earned well enough, but he always used to have a nagging feeling at the back of his mind. He wanted more out of life.

Here is what Willem has to say:

“My life carried on, I never completed my studies and started working. I followed the same path as my father – started a few companies, worked hard in them and failed at it. I would then work for companies again and eventually, as always, I quit because I want to do my own thing. I started a new business in the year 2000. The business had many changes and permutations, but eventually settled and turned out to be very successful.

I had built a successful business that took only a few hours of my time per month to manage and grow. The rest of my time I used to spend on what is important to me, my family, my children and my learning and love of knowledge. The strange thing is that I could never clearly articulate how I did it. How was I able to build a business that gives me the time, freedom and money to do what is important to me?

After much thought I realised that my current business and how it was designed started to make sense. I built my business to be the exact opposite of what my father had done in his businesses. I built a business that served me. I built a business that gave me time, money and freedom and not just money. What is the use of having money when you have no time to enjoy it?

With the arrival of my wife and my son, I took this idea of having a business that serves what I value and love doing most much further. My one business kept growing at nearly 60% per annum and it enabled me to be able to provide for my family, take up flying again and spend at least 3 hours a day with my family. If any of my children are sick, I can stay home with them and look after them. If I need to take the whole day off to read a book that is helping me with my personal growth and in giving advice to clients, I can do that. My clients always know that I will not give the same advice year after year and that I grow, I always learn and want to learn.”

Act on your AHA Moment with hardly any Risk

Willem Gous is a businessman, entrepreneur, speaker, father, private-pilot and will forever be a student. He believes in staying abreast of business trends, both local and international. In so doing, he constantly improves his businesses to provide him with more time and money so that he can take his message of having a business that gives you the time to do what you value most to the world.

With his programs he helps people build businesses from scratch, new businesses that give people more time and money to do what is important to them. Your business or business idea can be a product or a service and can a brick and mortar business or an online business. It does not matter. His program and processes works for all. All it needs is your creativity and drive to have more in life. Contact Willem today and act on your AHA Moment with a Freedom Business Designer and Practitioner you can afford.

Willem Gous provides you with excellent, innovative information on a personal basis. His programs do not require you to quit your job immediately and leave everything to chance. You will brainstorm your ideas with him and he will lead you towards your future goals with expert knowledge.

Invest in your future today!