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Oscar Pistorius: Forensic Expert Roger Dixon

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Roger Dixon

Defense witness: Forensic “Expert” Roger Dixon

When forensic expert Roger Dixon was called by defense lawyer Barry Roux as a witness in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial, he was announced with a kind of victorious pride. It was very clear and almost exaggerated that this witness absolutely has no objection to be filmed by TV cameras. One got the feeling that this will be the best witness yet and after his testimony the case may as well be closed and handed to the defense with a defeat to the state.

But Advocate Gerrie Nel, as the prosecutor, was obviously not reckoned with.

Roger Dixon, a geologist at the University of Pretoria and a former policeman with more than 18 years of experience to his name, was tagged unqualified to testify, early on in the line of questioning ‘fired’ by the prosecutor.

Defense dealt a blow when Forensic Expert got hammered

Mr Dixon was involuntary humbled. He had to admit in front of TV cameras from all over the world, as well as millions of South Africans following every word spoken in court, that indeed he did not have sufficient expertise in some areas in which he was testifying. These areas include ballistics, blood spatter, sound and visibility tests.

This, however, did not stop him from challenging the state’s ballistic expert, Captain Chris Mangena, in his claim that Ms. Steenkamp was first shot in the hip as she was facing the toilet door, then fell backwards and was shot in the arm and head as she tried to protect herself from the raining bullets.

Roger Dixon was of the opinion that Reeva was about to open the door when four shots in quick succession struck her. He also testified that the instrument he used to help him ascertain complete darkness in Oscar’s room at the time of the incident, was his eyes. It was at this time that Mr Nel helped him along to concede non-qualification in ballistics or pathology and that he has no affiliation to a forensic body.

Mr. Nel has requested several reports from this witness to be brought to the next session of court. An interesting day is sure to follow as the case continues.

Will the Defense be able to produce (belatedly) a Forensic Expert that can actually be called an expert?



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Photo courtesy of: www.timeslive.co.za