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Which digital operating system for the future?

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Which digital operating system (DOS) for your Smartphone?

We have built a rather intimate relationship with our smartphones. In some ways more intimate than the relationship with a partner or spouse. The phone has become our digital life support system.

Electronic companies are waging a war and the weapons are ‘new and improved’ gadgets, but the most important battle is about the digital operating system. You remember the hassles when you switched from BlackBerry to Samsung which uses the Android digital operating system. When you now upgrade within the same operating system, you merely have to type in your gmail account and password. As a result of cloud computing, in two ticks, all your data including contacts, pictures and apps will be transferred.

Switching digital operating system discouraged

Should you switch to another operating system, will result in repurchasing ad reloading all the apps from your old operating system. Just too much hassles for some of us!

The apps and data retention is not the only factor. Smartphones are becoming the guards to our extended connected world.
Your digital operating system and the future

In the near future, the smartphone will be the remote control for things in the home. We’ll be switching on lights and heating systems on the way home, not to enter the house in the dark and immediately get in a hot shower. The more we use a smartphone to instruct appliances, the more vital it will be to stay within the same digital operating system.

Google and Android have established a partnership with car manufacturers Audi, Honda, Hyundai and General Motors. Apple has aligned with Mercedes, BMW, Chevrolet, Nissan, Jaguar, Volvo and Ferrari. They developed the ‘InCar’ system which is now a standard feature on all Apple products. Now that’s confidence in the future of their operating system!

Fenced into a digital operating system

Slowly and very subtly users are being ensnared into a operating system. The prediction is that Android, Apple and Microsoft will prevail and take us into the future. Now is the time to choose which operating system you prefer, because it is steadily becoming too big a hassle to swop one for another.

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