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One of those days – the worst car parking EVER

A bad car parking day

Have you ever had one of those says where you should rather have stayed in bed?  One of those days you wake up and start running around in circles because your alarm clock didn’t go off and you are already sooooo late for work? Then, the milk is sour and you can’t even have a cup of coffee. Your favorite shirt is missing a button and your new puppy chewed on your shoes … Can it get any worse?

Car Parking Lot Horror – The walls are closing in!

The girl in this video certainly didn’t have one of her better days. And she still has to explain what happened …


Car Parking and Car Insurance

Why do you need car insurance if you have no problem with car parking?

To most of us, car parking is not really a problem, but there are a few factors that you should keep in mind.

Accidents happen:

Even the best drivers are sometimes involved in accidents. You may have a black-out, your hand or foot may slip or there may be oil or paint on a road that you do not see in time.

Car Parking Lots:

You may accidentally misjudge the angle and bump another car. When you exit a car parking lot, another vehicle may appear out of the blue and BAM! Fender bender.

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