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The BEST cheap car insurance ever!

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Excellent cover smart cheap car insurance

We provide you with two of the very best options in South African Car Insurance:
Budget SAVER from Budget Insurance
1st for Women BetterCar Insurance

Budget SAVER from Budget Insurance

Budget Insurance is a trusted South African Insurance Provider that provides good value at a low cost. To top it all, Budget insurance has an exciting NEW product that gives you really cheap car insurance and more than adequate cover.

What is Budget SAVER from Budget Insurance?

Budget SAVER is an exciting new car insurance product from Budget Insurance that will allow you to save even more! Budget Insurance is aware of the rising cost of life and they want to assist their clients in getting decent car insurance at low prices.

With Budget SAVER, you decide what amount of basic cover you want, then you add on additional cover options until you have exactly what suits your lifestyle and your budget.

Budget Insurance always cuts the cost and not the cover, but with Budget SAVER they cut the cost even more!

1st for Women for Designer Insurance at Discount Prices

With BetterCar from 1st for Women, you save MORE on traditional car insurance, even though you already pay up to 29% less on your already cheap car insurance with 1st for Women.

Mindblowing Car Insurance with BetterCar from 1st for Women

You can now replace the car that you are driving at the moment with a newer model!

BetterCar will replace your car when it is written off with:

  • The same model car that is 1 year younger
  • The same model car with 20 000 km less on the clock
  • BetterCar Car Insurance Terms & Conditions
  • You qualify if your car is 8 years old or younger
  • All write-off claims qualify, except theft-related write-off claims
  • Your minimum BetterCar pay-out will amount to 15% plus the retail value of your vehicle that was written off
  • Your maximum BetterCar pay-out will amount to 40% plus the retail value of your vehicle that was written off