Do you really need Laptop Insurance?

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Do YOU need Laptop Insurance?

You need to decide if you need Laptop Insurance

After reading this article, you will be able to make an informed choice – whether to insure your laptop or not. We will touch on a variety of different scenario’s for you to consider, including the value of your laptop, ownership and other relevant issues.

10 Questions to answer when considering Laptop Insurance

1 What is the replacement value of your laptop?

2 Is your laptop vital to your job, studies or internet connectivity?

3 Do you own your laptop?

4 Does your employer own your laptop?

5 If so, is your  laptop insured by your employer?

6 Are you able to replace your laptop immediately if it is stolen, damaged or lost?

7 How old is your laptop?

8 Do you frequently take your laptop with you?

9 Is your hard drive protected against viruses?

10 Do you sometimes misplace your keys, glasses or handbag/briefcase?

Now that you have answered the questions above, you will have a better idea about the value of getting Laptop Insurance.

The most frequent Laptop Insurance claims

Insurance Providers receive numerous Laptop Insurance claims and the main reasons for submitting these claims are listed below.

Theft of laptop: Laptop was stolen from workplace, restaurant, car or college

Accidental damage:  Dropping the laptop, spilling of coffee or other substance over the device

Fire: Laptop was lost in fire

Water and Flood Damage: Flooding or rain damage

Power surge: Laptop was damaged due to a power surge

What does Laptop Insurance cover?

Laptop Insurance falls under Home Contents Insurance or Portable Possessions Insurance. Your laptop will be covered against damage, theft and loss. Keep in mind that you should insure your laptop for the replacement value of the make and model you are currently using.

Laptop Insurance Providers

The following Laptop Insurance Providers offer excellent cover at prices anyone can afford.

1st for Women
Dial Direct
Budget Insurance
Auto & General