Oscar Pistorius Trial: Reeva Steenkamp

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Reeva Steenkamp

Oscar Pistorius Trial: Evidence regarding Reeva Steenkamp

Reeva Steenkamp tried to protect her head

She was in a defensive position when she was hit by the last shots Oscar fired through the locked toilet door, according to a ballistics expert. Captain Chris Mangena told the Court whilst bending forward to demonstrate:

• The first shot struck her in her hip, standing up. It flung Steenkamp onto a magazine rack in the toilet.

• The bullets Oscar Pistorius used were designed to cause maximum damage to human tissue.

• The second shot missed her and ricocheted.

• There was a break between shot one and two.

• By then she was seated with her back to the wall.

• According to his findings, she had both hands over her head, across each other.

• She had a wound to her left hand where it was hit by the same bullet that struck her in the head.

In definite anguish and fear she did the natural thing for any person in physical danger: covered her head, but she couldn’t save her own life.

What was Oscar’s position?

Mangena said the height of the holes in the door and the trajectory of the bullets indicated that Oscar Pistorius was not wearing his prosthetic legs when he fired. Another forensics expert testified earlier that the position of the marks a cricket bat made when Oscar tried to open the door, indicated Pistorius was on his stumps when he used it.

One would expect 2 police experts to have cleared that out before the trial, or not? Confusing me, is that Oscar Pistorius’ defense lawyer, Barry Roux, challenged both testimonies.

Mangena stood his ground even when Roux displayed his usual sarcasm.

Data from the iPad

The State called Colonel Mark Sale who testified that Pistorius had visited porn and used car websites shortly before Steenkamp died. Data on the iPad 3 and an iPad 2 that was found on the scene, had the same type of content on the usage histories. A porn website was visited at 18:30 on 13 February 2013, and later a site of cars which included an Aston Martin Rapider.

Gerrie Nel will only be back in court on Monday. He is to have final witness meetings as he prepares to wrap up the state’s case. Five more witnesses will be called.

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