Oscar Pistorius Trial: Gerrie Nel

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Gerrie Nel – South African State Prosecutor

Gerrie Nel is a South African State Prosecutor and Advocate for The National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa. He has served as a former head of the Directorate of Special Operations, also known as the Scorpions, in Gauteng. Nel successfully prosecuted former police commissioner Jackie Selebi, who was found guilty of corruption and handed a 15-year prison sentence.



Advocate | The National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa

Law Practice and Legal Services


Head | Directorate of Special Operations 2008

Government, Public Administration and Defence


Society of State Advocates’ Prosecutor of the Year | 2012 for his work on the Jackie Selebi case

International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) Special Achievement Award | 2012 for his work on the Jackie Selebi case

Opinions of Gerrie Nel’s conduct in court

Advocate Gerrie Nel is perceived in various ways for his questioning of the alleged murderer of Reeva Steenkamp, Oscar Pistorius the para-limpic blade-runner.

Here are some twitter remarks:

• Fascinating cross-examination

• Advocate Gerrie Nell is tearing Oscar Pistorius apart and he is excellently good at it.

• the “pitbull” Gerrie Nel

• At his fierce style the Athlete has broken down

• In the legal fraternity Gerrie Nel has a fearsome reputation, cemented (though established) well before he shredded former police commissioner Jackie Selebi in the witness box.

• Gerrie Nel could get Shrien Dewani to admit to killing Reeva.

• Gerrie Nel took his bitchslap pills this morning.

• He is not going to be nice. Known as a Rottweiler.

• Cross-examination by determined and well-prepared prosecutor Gerrie Nel.

• Gerrie Nel in full flight already, going for the jugular. Tone is harsh and abrasive. Oscar is already struggling….

• Gerrie Nel is going to bulldoze Oscar and it’s going to be heart wrenching….

• If anyone thought Barry Roux was aggressive in cross-examination, he was nothing compared to Gerrie Nel when he gets going.

Some of Nel’s comments that will be well remembered

• “You made a mistake? You killed a person. You killed Reeva Steenkamp. Say it.”

• He asked the athlete to “take responsibility” for killing her. “It’s time that you look at it,” chief prosecutor Gerrie Nel said, setting the stage for a rigorous first day of cross-examination.

• Prosecutor Gerrie Nel told Oscar Pistorius “I’m not going away” as he picked through the disabled runner’s evidence and accused him of lying.

• ‘Then say it then, say yes. I shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp’

• When a police photograph of a dead Reeva Steenkamp’s bloodied head was displayed in court, Prosecutor Gerrie Nel said Steenkamp’s head “exploded” when it was struck by one of four hollow-point bullets

• ‘You killed her. Say it.’

• ‘You just can’t take responsibility for anything, can you?’

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