Oscar Pistorius – No more running

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Oscar-end of the race?

Oscar Pistorius – the end of his race

Oscar Pistorius, renowned star of the race track also known as the Bladerunner, has come to the last straight of this race. The race he is running now is like none he has ever run before. This one he is literally running for his life. It is the murder trial where he is the perpetrator and accused of premeditated murder on Reeva Steenkamp, in his own bedroom.
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel assumed that Oscar Pistorius’ mental condition claim is “a fallback position”.
The murder trial is due to resume on Monday and any time soon Judge Masipa will decide his fate. That decision will mainly depend on the reports of three psychiatrists and one clinical psychologist, who had the mammoth task of evaluating the mental health of our fallen star, Oscar Pistorius.

Oscar Pistorius – the last four weeks

Every weekday of the past month Oscar found himself spending long periods of time at the former asylum for the criminally insane, which was built more than a century ago for detaining society’s most dangerous criminals.

Every morning he was driven down the gloomy tree lined path leading to the building. A path that reminds strongly of the usual paths that lead to the cemeteries of old. TV showed him being taken there by a family member, but once there, he was on his own. Nobody to coach him how to answer questions. What to say and what not to say. Whatever he said, his life depends on it.

The viewers of the broadcasted trial have often witnessed Oscar reaching for the ever present bucket, in which he vomited due to stress and emotion. One has to wonder if that happened during his tests and questioning in the asylum. Was there a ‘bucket’ too?

Surely he was must have tried to anticipate the repercussion of every answer he gave and every action he made. He was between a rock and a very hard place. Did he want to be diagnosed as mentally unstable? Or stable? I surmise ‘unstable’ would have the lighter consequences.

Oscar Pistorius – the last weekend

And so today he has nowhere to go. No hospital room . No court room. No one asking him any questions. No thinking and mulling over in his mind to try and take the correct next step, whatever that may or may not have been.

What is he doing with his free time this whole weekend. Perhaps his last 3 days of freedom. Or did freedom for Oscar Pistorius end the moment he fired his first or four shots at the locked bathroom door, in the wee hours of Valentines Day 2013? Or was it when his loved one received a fatal bullet? Or will he be saved by an unstable verdict on his mental health?

Perhaps ‘freedom’ for Oscar Pistorius will be a reflection of the words of an old song that indicates, freedom only means he ‘has nothing left to loose’?

You, however have much to loose!

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