Oscar Pistorius: Public vs. Private Persona

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Who is Oscar Pistorius really?

I don’t remember exactly where I heard this statement but it stated that if you envy someone else’s life only by what you read on social media, then you are basically envying a lie. This means that what you observe is what people want you to observe from their personal lives. What you see and what you read is mostly just a little snippet of what they are really like, however, people that seem to be living good lives might actually really be living good lives. All I am saying is that every single person on earth, whether they are famous or not, has ups and downs in life, just like we do.

Even though I am writing this article, and even though I post on Facebook every single day and even though you are reading this article and might be following me on Facebook you will not be able to piece together enough to accurately describe me as an individual.

Oscar and the Olympics

This brings met to the inspiration of this article. Mr Oscar Pistorius. Oscar is known throughout the world as the Blade runner. He is the first runner with a double-amputee to ever compete in the Olympics. He has overcome all the odds after being born in our beautiful country with a missing fibula bone in both of his lower legs. He had his legs surgically removed when he was only 11 months old.

I recently saw the photograph of Oscar that was taken on the 14th of February 2013. It was a photograph in which his face was covered by a grey hooded sweatshirt. This is a jarring contrast to one morning in August 2012 where he proudly walked into the Olympic Stadium, waving at the 80 000 spectators and fans applauding him.

Oscar and Reeva

Pistorius was accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, who was a 29 year old model as well as a law graduate. Some say his version of events does not add up, that the shooting was no accident, and that he could not have mistaken Reeva for a burglar. Others say that it was a form of self-defense as he was fearing for his life. This tragic event reminds us yet again that we cannot equate a person’s accomplishments with heroism and incorruptible behavior. Our achievements do not define us. What we have is not who we are. How can we really expect to know Oscar Pistorius, when we often get no more than a fan dance – suggesting but never truly revealing.

The people who support Oscar’s version of what happened in the early hours of that morning are left to hope for an awful consolation. That Oscar did not shoot Reeva Steenkamp on purpose. We are living in an apprehensive, armored country where a lot of people live in fear of burglars. We live in barricaded houses with high fences that are topped with barbed wire.
The truth is that you kind of know where people are and then all of a sudden that perception goes. Who is Oscar Pistorius really? The double amputee Olympic hero and heartbroken man who lost his girlfriend due to a tragic accident, or the short tempered Olympic runner and cold blooded killer?


This article originally posted on: http://www.dial-direct.co.za and reposted with permission.