Office Party Archetypes

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Office Party coming up soon?

Office parties, how does one describe them? To some they are a great opportunity to build team spirit after a hard year and for others they are the root of all evil. It is widely accepted that spouses and partners find office parties apprehensive or even downright loathsome. Irrespective of the potential unhappiness they may cause, a good old office party is always fun. It is that one day you don’t have to pay for anything – it is all on the HOUSE!

Office Party Archetypes

When an office party is in full swing party archetypes always rear their head:

The Macho Man – who signals his lack of social prowess with a beer-belch after every one of the 15 beers (and counting) he has had. Accompanied by an incessant genital scratching as if trying to make sure it is still there…

The Nerd – awkwardly making his way through the crowd freely dispensing anecdotes from the previous decade. Yes, the exact same ones you tried to avoid last year.

The Loud One – that you can hear from wherever you are at the party, like the siren on a fire engine.

The Dancer – with the hips that don’t lie, well at least not in their mind…

The dreaded Kisser-Hugger – Yes, the one who has a built-in GPS just to find you! No matter how cold or frank you are, you too will be receiving the hug and kiss you made sure of leaving out of your letter to Santa Clause.

According recent surveys the Kisser- hugger is the least favorite of the characters. Studies have shown that these characters are found to be the most annoying.  Most people noted that they feel their personal space is invaded and that the charm of kissing was left behind in the sixties for good reason. No matter how much society has evolved these archetypes remain a constant at office parties. They have a knack of embarrassing themselves, but still make for a good laugh.

Office party time is here! Grab a glass of champagne and salute the passing of the work year.

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