Why you need Travel Insurance


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If you cannot afford Travel Insurance, you probably can’t really afford to travel.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is short-term insurance that covers travelers against travel-related emergencies and expenses. Most people obtain Travel Insurance when they travel abroad, because it covers medical expenses. Lost travel documents and baggage is also covered.

Why do you need Travel Insurance?

The following 3 reasons explain the most important grounds to have Travel Insurance:

Sickness or injury

Your health insurance covers you in your own country, but not abroad. It is safer to be covered by Travel Insurance in case of a medical emergency, because medical expenses may be very high in the country you are visiting.

Medical Evacuation

Medical emergency evacuation back home is costly and if you are not covered by your Travel Insurance, chances are that you would not be able to get home quickly when you are sick or injured.

Stranded en route to your destination

Being stranded in a connection city may be very costly if you consider accommodation, life necessities and meals. International airline hubs are generally located in major cities such as New York, Taipei, Paris, London and Tokyo. Living expenses in major cities are high and having Travel Insurance cover regarding this issue will surely give you peace of mind and save you money as well.

Happy Traveling and remember to read your Travel Insurance Policy thoroughly before you depart.