Why You Need Health Insurance

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Can you afford NOT to have Health Insurance?

Why do you Need Health Insurance?

For you to make a wise and educated health insurance decision, it is important to understand what the value of health insurance is and why you need it. It may sound rather obvious, but there are many people who don’t fully understand the basic function of health insurance or how it works.

In a nut shell, health insurance will help to protect you in the following ways:

Health Insurance will protect your finance

As Insurance companies negotiate rates with health care providers, you will be entitled to discounted rates as a policy holder of that insurance company. For anybody without coverage, the fee charged for a normal visit can be as much as double the norm.

Health Insurance will safeguard you from unforeseen medical costs

Even if there are certain costs you have to pay for in your health plan, having some cover can shield you from bankruptcy that could happen in the case of injury and high hospitalization costs.

Health Cover improves and protects your health

That is because it gives you access to higher quality and quantity care.

As the holder of a health insurance plan, you have access to a wide group of health care providers.

You are provided with critical care

It is true that uninsured patients might often get emergency-room care and receive a bill afterwards, but chances are they may not get essential treatment for a life-threatening chronic condition, unless they pay for it first.

Health Insurance encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle

Because you have Health Insurance you will probably be more likely to take make use of regular checkups as well as preventive care, since you know it won’t clear out your bank savings account.

You may ask: “Is it not far too expensive to buy my own health insurance coverage?”

The answer is: “Not necessarily”. The truth is that Individual and Family health insurance can be surprisingly reasonably priced.

Can you actually afford not to have Health Insurance? 

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