Mmusi Maimane – Immune to Insults?

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                                                         … to insults by now

The pathetic impulse to drag a decent role model into the gutter tells us more about the draggers than the dragged. Mostly, it tells us about their familiarity with the gutter. The filth angle has been a weapon of every racist, jealous, base, xenophobic attack throughout history: The filthy Jews and the dirty Serbs, the greasy Italians and the dirty Afrikaners, the messy blacks and the louse-riddled Irish, the diseased Aboriginals and the Vietnamese that never wash, the infection bearing gypsies, dirty homosexuals, lazy Palestinians and smelly Native Americans, …. and so on ad infinitum. This is prejudice, plain and simple, as any even halfway informed person knows it is nonsense. It serves as justification of cruelty and wickedness, because those that it is done to deserve it as they are so dirty, dishonest or lacking in intelligence.

Yet propaganda wars have been lost and won on the use of this most primitive tactic – the dissemination of bias. This brings us to Kenney Kunene’s vitriolic attack on Maimane. Maimane had criticised Kunene for appearing on T.V with five of his fifteen girlfriends, calling it a “destructive example” of what success can do. Kunene’s Tweet inevitably slides into the usual muck, the threat to gang f*** Maimane’s wife.

Msusi Maimane’s values and vision.

  • Maimane can make a seriously good speech. He is well informed, but more than that, he can construct a coherent talk that makes sense of tricky conundrums.
  • He is a man of faith. (He went to a Catholic school that he feels empowered him and instilled Christian values. He has a Master’s degree in Theology.)
  • He longs for and believes in the possibility of a South Africa that is ethnically inclusive. (His parents are Xhosa and Tswana, and his wife is white.)
  • He is informed and insightful. (He has a Master’s degree in Public Administration. Rumour also has it that he reads a lot and favours biography.)
  • He has a certain ‘gravitas’ – no bombast and no generic rhetoric. (Sheer force of personality carries him along.)

His best chance of success as leader of the D.A., however lies in the fact that he believes in all that is best and right in South Africa, without being naive about what is wrong, or feeling the defensive need to deny it.