Live life to thrive – doing what you love

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Are you doing what you love

Surviving in No Man’s Land?

Do you drag yourself out of bed each morning hoping the day will pass in a blur so you can get right back into bed and just go to sleep and block out the boring, mundane life you feel forced to lead? Do you only put in enough effort to survive each day, vaguely hoping that everything works out for the best at the end? Are you simply going through the motions required to earn paycheck after paycheck as month after tedious month ticks by?

It sure sounds like you’re trapped in survival mode – living your life on full auto-pilot. Answer the following questions truthfully:
Doing what you love, when last have you felt
 passionate about anything?
 excited by something?
 a sense of achievement?
 a sense of fulfillment?
 that your life has meaning?
Hmm, that bad? Life is too short to not experience it in full. You have only one life to live and enough of it has been wasted in limbo already.

Head for the Land of the Living

It is time that you board the bus out of no man’s land and head for the land of the living. Your ticket out of the shadows is L-O-V-E. You need to figure out what you love doing and then start doing what you love.
The moment you do what you love, you’ll experience passion, excitement, a sense of achievement and fulfillment and your life will have meaning again. Explore your interests and identify the things you love. Start pursuing it. Open your heart and mind to new possibilities and get excited by the adventure that awaits you. Your life is far from over. In fact, you need to kick start it.

Live Life and Thrive

You owe it to yourself to do what you love and live your life to the fullest. Life owes you nothing – if you allow life to get you under, it’ll simply gobble you up and spit you out. You need to make a conscious decision to live life and thrive. Be decisive – get up, take life by the throat and conquer it big-time.

Here follow more reasons why you should be doing what you love:
 You’ve one life only and you’d better make it count.
 You’re 100% worthy of living a happy and fulfilled life.
 You owe it to yourself to tap into everything life’s got to offer.
 You deserve to be happy and experience joy and inner peace.
 Doing what you love will improve your overall well-being.

Why are you waiting? Start doing what you love straight away!

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