How to deal with loss and loneliness on Valentine’s Day

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Dealing with sadness on Valentine’s Day

Everybody loves a holiday and St Valentine’s day is particularly popular. This is a happy day that presents the ideal opportunity to show loved ones just how much they are cherished. It is also the ideal time to declare your feelings to a new loved one. Unfortunately, this is also the day when lonely people experience their loneliness more acutely. The same goes for those people who have suffered the loss of a loved one. They feel left out and psychologists agree that depression soars during the build-up towards Valentine’s day.

There is no reason to be lonely and depressed during holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s day. Feelings of depression and loneliness should be seen as a call to action. Every human being is responsible for his or her own happiness. Unhappy and depressed people often push others away, even if they do not consciously try to do so. So, instead of moping and suffering, why not use these holidays as an opportunity to do something positive? Here are two practical ideas:

Join a special interest group

If you are interested in something (and surely everybody is interested in at least one thing!) there is most likely a group or club focusing on that interest. And no, online forums do not count! Join a group with real people. In no time at all you will connect with at least one or two members of the group and thus the foundations for friendship or even more can be laid.

Reach out to others

There are so many lonely people living in old age homes, children’s homes and in places of safety. Volunteer your services. Soon, you will make new friends and you will experience the immense satisfaction of making the lives of other people easier. Spend Valentine’s day at the charity of your choice and give hand-made cards to all and sundry. You will have a fantastic day!

By taking positive action you accept responsibility for your own happiness. Once you take this step you will find that happiness comes from within and from becoming part of the world around you.