Home Insurance Flood Cover

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Flooding may cause grave damage to your house

Why you may need Home Insurance Flood Cover

Do not take for granted that a basic Home Insurance policy is enough. Often times these policies do not make provision for specified coverage. This could be a problem if you live in an area that is a high risk for certain threats that aren’t included in the cover.

Take note that your Home Insurance policy is unlikely to provide you with automatic coverage against flooding if you live in a flood endangered area. However you should acquire an add-on policy for flooding to extend the basic coverage. It should give you enough protection to cover the costs of such damages.

Home Insurance Flood Cover Explained

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Home Insurance Flood Cover is money well spent

Home Insurance Flood Cover will cover your home against repair or replacement costs of property lost due to a flood. Floods are caused by heavy rain, hurricane, tornado, snowmelt or mudflows. It is true that most home owners believe they will never need to claim from this type of coverage. Truth is that Flooding can cost any home owner huge amounts in damage. Having Home Insurance Flood Cover can be your safety net or life jacket.

Who should get Home Insurance Flood Cover?

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Water causes a great deal of damage to your house

There is no area that is totally exempted from flooding, but some areas are just more prone to flooding than others. To make these areas known to any home owner, flood maps have been created to show the locations. Flood maps are created by your national Emergency Management Agency. They are people who conduct topographic studies and collect information on storm tides, river flow, and rainfall to establish and stipulate high-risk areas.

Maps are regularly updated so the home owner can make educated decisions about protecting his property. Remember though that Flooding can happen in high-risk areas, moderate-to-low risk and almost no-risk areas.

There is a 1 in 4 chance of flooding in high risk areas. If you have purchased a home in such area, you are required to buy flood insurance. In the other areas, you are not required to buy flood insurance, but the decision is yours.

Perhaps it is better to be safe than sorry.