GREAT meals to try before you die

Your bucket list is incomplete without a special meal!

There are many things we hope to achieve in life. Building a successful career or making tons of Moola! Climbing the highest mountain, swimming the deepest ocean, visiting the widest dessert or the darkest forest. Play with gorillas and swim with sharks. All pretty common , but to be a little original add some great meals to try before you die.

Some Exotic great meals to try before you die

<img src="lamb kebabs.jpg" alt="Lamb kebabs" width="150" height="116">
Afghani Lamb Kebabs

Apart from your regular burger, pizza or dagwood, consider your life lacking if you haven’t tried at least one of these:

AFGHANI LAMB KEBABS -The tender grilled, slightly charred, garlicky lamb provides a taste you’ll never forget.

SPANISH STEAK TARTARE – it is mainly minced raw beef mixed with capers, mustard, pepper, topped with a raw egg. The texture and taste tops a normal steak any day.

PARISIEN ESCARGOT – The French celebrate the taste of these mollusks. Instead of watching others eat it, you have to try it for yourself.

IRISH OYSTERS – Rich in vitamins and minerals, Oysters are especially renowned in Ireland for its meat content higher than anywhere in the world.

SWISS CHEESE FONDUE – melted cheese kept runny over a burner with wine and cherry brandy added. This food travels deep into your heart.

PEKING DUCK IN BEIJING – A whole duck with the sweet skin, golden and crispy, and incredibly succulent meat.

JAPANESE FUGU – This meal can be fatal, if incorrectly prepared. A poisonous putter fish that kills about 300 people in Japan every year that has a taste to die for.

Some Less Exotic great meals to try before you die

<img src="strawberries.jpg" alt="Strawberries" width="140" height="91">
Fresh Strawberries

Hot Roasted Chestnuts – It tastes best while walking down the streets of Paris, but are delicious where ever.

Strawberries Picked Fresh From The Field – no store bought strawberries come anywhere near these. It tastes of heaven.

Bone marrow – When roasted, the interior of a beef bone softens and takes on a delicious flavor that coats your whole mouth, leaving you speechless.

A lobster you caught yourself – You’ll find new respect for a Lobster dinner.

A homegrown tomato – There’s no sweeter taste than a ripe, red tomato you grew from a single seed. You taste the sun and the rain that made it grow.

Handmade pasta – You’ll never go back to the box. All it needs is salt, pepper, some good olive oil and a substantial sprinkling of Parmesan.

All the above sound pretty boring?

Sannakji from Korea



Well then, why not try one of these meals before you die?

  • Fried spiders from Cambodia
  • Grasshoppers or chocolate covered scorpions from Thailand
  • Snake Blood, Tuna Eyeballs, Snake Wine, Dog meat and Fried Tarantula from China
  • Sannakji from Korea – live octopus cut into small pieces and served while the tentacles are still squirming.
  • USA Rocky Mountain Oysters – deep-fried bull testicles.

You’ll definitely need insurance after eating some of the above … eh … treats.

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