Fat finding mission – Tim Noakes diet

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Fad or fact?

Once more Prof Tim Noakes is on a (pork) roll

The latest Tim Noakes diet plan is also referred to as “The Red Meat Revolution”. The demonization of saturated fats was very effective in creating an avalanche of disease in the Western World. Obesity, diabetes and heart disease were all blamed on cholesterol. The medical ‘industry’ went wild. We now know that the original research did not take into account many aspects, including smoking. Everybody knows (in layman’s terms) that carbohydrates become ‘sugar’ and that insulin is secreted when glucose levels rise. Glucose that is not used is stored as glycogen, and when the ‘storage’ is full, it is stored as fat.


After advocating pre-athletic jaunt carbo-loading, we are now told that the body’s preferred fuel is fat. This is true. One does not get hungry so quickly and in any case fat equals flavour, so things taste delicious and one is satisfied on several levels. Paleo foods (from our ancient evolutionary past) are upheld as the original sustenance. That the Tim Noakes decarb diet has helped many people lose weight and regain health, is not to be disputed.

At what cost?

However, one may do well to look at dietary changes in a more holistic way.

Although in no doubt about the harmful consequences of most dietary habits in developed countries, some of us are dubious about dismissing thousands of years of nutrition. Poor old gluten has been much maligned, but perhaps it is processing, GMO, chemical meddling and refined sugar that turns wheat into poison. Civilizations have been built on grains.(Rice, wheat, maize, oats, rye, millet, sorghum, kasha, quinoa, spelt, buckwheat, teff ) Potatoes, yams and other root crops as a staple prevents famine. Carbs may not be necessary, but hunting is not a lifestyle within reach of the majority. We all also know the horrors of commercial meat production, the destruction of rain forests to ‘grow’ beef, the ecological consequences of effluent from piggeries, the diseases of battery chickens, the stripping of the oceans, to mention but a few. To advocate even greater consumption of meat by the privileged few at the cost of the majority and the planet, is something conscious people may want to consider.

Throwing a spanner in the works

No, I am not preaching. Yes, I did mean to throw a banger in the mash. People need to do what is right for them, and Prof Tim Noakes certainly has the courage of his convictions, because nutritionists and medical people are challenging him on the long term effects. For me the jury is still out on this one.

Keep check on your weight, but also be responsible about your Insurance cover!

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