Donald Trump plays his cards well

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Donald Trump for President?

In recent weeks Donald Trump has been regularly quoted. In the political debate showcasing the 2016 American presidential election candidates for the Republican Party, his obnoxious statements brought him much attention. So much so, that at this stage of the game public opinion has Trump at the lead of the Good Old Party ahead of Jeb Bush. Listening to Trump speak is like hearing an eccentric uncle vent his outrage at the bumbling nature of politics today. His speeches seem more like ongoing rants than well ordered and thought out strategies for motivating people.

Donald Trump has become notorious for offending women and Mexicans. In his own words he claims that “you don’t want a scripted president,” and “we don’t want a politically correct president.” No, he says, “we’re tired of the nice people.” There are those who say that Donald Trump is but the last vestige of a political system that over the last thirty years has seen presidencies brought out by big lobbyists. Here Trump makes a big statement too, he says; “I’m going to do what is right for the people of the country.” In this context he claims to have turned down billions of dollars from lobbyists in order to prevent them from holding him accountable when he gets to the White House.

Some say that Donald Trump’s popularity is a sign of cynicism among the voting public. Many people were disappointed by the return of their voting investment in current president Obama, who ran on the concept that there CAN be change. People expected that Obama would make an end to the U.S. war activities, but instead, the conflicts in the Middle East have escalated. What this proves is that it is easy to say things and then later turn around and change your mind. Trump may be saying things that people want to hear or getting attention by saying things that people do not want to hear.

Does this make him a good presidential candidate?