Dental Care and Health Insurance

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Does your Health Insurance include Dental Care?

Is Dental Care covered by Health Insurance Plans?

Consumers are often confused about their health and dental insurance benefits. What’s covered and what is not, can be long and detailed list. The overlap between health and dental plans is very often unclear.

Most of us know or think we know that somewhere in our health plan something about dental care is mentioned. There is some confusion about dental and vision as part of the crucial health benefits included in every health plan. This confusion can lead to a huge shock when one realises or are told that your health Insurance plan excludes both and perhaps other kinds of care too.

So, do Health Insurance plans include dental care or not?

Well it depends on the kind of care that is needed. Some procedures do fall under major medical benefits in your health insurance, while others are only covered in a dental plan.

TMJ treatment is often included in health insurance cover, but not in dental cover. Wedged wisdom teeth are normally covered by health insurance plans, while erupt wisdom teeth are determinedly covered under dental care. Oral surgery tends to be covered by health insurance.

Just know that various plan have different rules and details, both for dental and medical cover.

Three ways to avoid unexpected costs

1. Get comprehensive coverage – From the onset get dental care and health insurance included in your health care cover to be sure of benefits for major medical and oral health services.

2. Know your benefits – Scrutinize your dental and health plan details when you receive your membership documents. Get to know what is covered and what is not. If there is anything you don’t completely understand contact the insurer to get explanations.

3. Coordinate your care – Before making an appointment for treatment or procedures, make sure the care you are planning to receive and the caregiver to treat you, are both covered by your insurance plan and under which plan it is covered. Call your insurers to confirm benefits.

Get clarity as to what care may be embedded into a major medical plan or should be purchased as a stand-alone plan.