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Oscar Pistorius crying for himself or for Reeva?

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Oscar Pistorius must cry his way out of this one

We all know people who think highly of themselves. They consider themselves different from others and deserving of special treatment. Oscar Pistorius is taking this tendency to its extreme …

Bladerunner Oscar Pistorius’ grandiosity expects a great deal of special attention- the best table in a Melrose Arch-restaurant, his arrogance of asking a friend to take the rap for him after discharging a gun at Tashas, his irresponsible behaviour on the Vaal river , causing great frustration for speedboat- lovers in the Vaal!

Psychologists use the term narcissistic to describe people who portrays a grandiose sense of self-importance who are preoccupied with receiving attention. In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a young man in love, charmed by the loving Echo. He was adamant to win over her love. Narcissus spent his days admiring his own image reflected in a pool of water. In a sense Reeva can be compared to the enigmatic and ethereal Echo- she will always remain in people’s hearts.

The Narcissistic Oscar Pistorius

Each individual has an idiosyncratic unique way of experiencing loss. Psychophysiological, affective and cognitive-behavioral factors, such as the mode of death, the relationship with the deceased, subcultural norms and prior losses play a significant role. Our past surely defines us and in Oscar’s case , he had to deal with his parents’ divorce and his mother’s death at a vulnerable age of 15. Oscar cannot cope with loss. On a deep subconscious level, he felt that his mother abandoned him when she died. His psychological birth position in his family is that of a middle child of three. The middle child often feels squeezed out. Such a child may assume a “poor me” attitude and can become a problem child, especially when experiencing trauma. A traumatic event is like an infection- it does something to one’s psyche. The bladerunner’s behaviour strongly correlates with the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)- criteria of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Crying for Reeva?

Is the bladerunner crying for Reeva? Certainly not. During his cross examination by The South African State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel, he appeared to be extremely argumentative. The realization of the immensity of what he had done and the fact that he is facing imprisonment overwhelmed him…this is very traumatic in itself, hence he is crying for himself. He is on the brink of losing everything. Monday,12 May 2014 will be Day 30 of the most talked about trial in South Africa. If Gerrie Nel calls a psychologist to the stand, more holes will be identified and needless to say, the grieving mother of Reeva will get some sense of closure. This time, Oscar Pistorius’ controlling nature is not going to save his skin. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is indeed a predator circling around his prey…

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NOW is the time to start your own business

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Why most people never start their own business

Earning a stable salary reduces the risk of earning an income that may fluctuate from month to month. It’s safer to stay in our comfort zones than to take a step out and follow our passion in life. But, the fact remains that very few people are really happy with their career choices and/or the jobs they hold. So, we rather slug off to work day after day after day in order to earn that little bit of security at the end of each month. This scenario reflects negatively on the rest of our lives. When we are unhappy in our jobs, that reflects on our life at home and in our relationships with our loved ones. We tend to be short tempered, irritable and not the best company to be around. We hate Mondays and cannot wait for a public holiday or Friday afternoon to roll around. In this way, we have very little quality of life.

Lessen the risk when you start your own business – get a Business Mentor

Start your own business with the expert help of a Business Mentor. Getting advice from a Business Mentor may we the wisest thing you have ever done. Invest in your future. Contact a Business Mentor and brainstorm your Business Idea with him/her. If you already own a business, your mentor will be able to advise you on how to improve your business and how to increase your profit.

Your Mentor will provide you with a holistic understanding of your business idea, thereby unleashing the full potential of you as a Business Owner – a force to be reckoned with from now onwards! Talking to a Mentor will therefore help you plan a strategy to greatly reduce a great deal of risk regarding current and future endeavors and even open doors you never imagined.

Willem Gous Business Mentor

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Willem Gous | Business Mentor

Willem has been doing what he loves for years and has built businesses that support his way of living – he spends his days reading, writing, teaching and having fun with his family. Willem spends a few hours a month managing his money-making businesses so that he can focus on what he loves to do, spending time with his family. For fun, he goes flying as a private pilot and regularly travels abroad.

A few topics Willem can help you with:

  • How to find good business ideas
  • Limiting the risks in change
  • Finding what you would love to do in life
  • Making money doing what you love
  • Putting systems in place so that your life is less hectic
  • A more secure financial future
  • Self-discovery & Self-development

Start your own business and start moving forward in life right NOW

Willem Gous is a successful businessman, excited about his life and he believes in paying it forward. He believes in not only taking from life, but giving back in equal amounts. This is his way of staying true to the personal philosophy of ongoing life balance that he advocates and lives to the full.

Willem is so inundated with questions from people asking him how to create such a life for themselves, that he decided to have a weekly group coaching call to help answer some of these questions. He values his time and only does 1 call a week. Space to the FREE coaching call is limited to 50 people. Yes, only 50 people will have this opportunity to interact with Willem on a weekly basis.

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The BEST cheap car insurance ever!

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Excellent cover smart cheap car insurance

We provide you with two of the very best options in South African Car Insurance:
Budget SAVER from Budget Insurance
1st for Women BetterCar Insurance

Budget SAVER from Budget Insurance

Budget Insurance is a trusted South African Insurance Provider that provides good value at a low cost. To top it all, Budget insurance has an exciting NEW product that gives you really cheap car insurance and more than adequate cover.

What is Budget SAVER from Budget Insurance?

Budget SAVER is an exciting new car insurance product from Budget Insurance that will allow you to save even more! Budget Insurance is aware of the rising cost of life and they want to assist their clients in getting decent car insurance at low prices.

With Budget SAVER, you decide what amount of basic cover you want, then you add on additional cover options until you have exactly what suits your lifestyle and your budget.

Budget Insurance always cuts the cost and not the cover, but with Budget SAVER they cut the cost even more!

1st for Women for Designer Insurance at Discount Prices

With BetterCar from 1st for Women, you save MORE on traditional car insurance, even though you already pay up to 29% less on your already cheap car insurance with 1st for Women.

Mindblowing Car Insurance with BetterCar from 1st for Women

You can now replace the car that you are driving at the moment with a newer model!

BetterCar will replace your car when it is written off with:

  • The same model car that is 1 year younger
  • The same model car with 20 000 km less on the clock
  • BetterCar Car Insurance Terms & Conditions
  • You qualify if your car is 8 years old or younger
  • All write-off claims qualify, except theft-related write-off claims
  • Your minimum BetterCar pay-out will amount to 15% plus the retail value of your vehicle that was written off
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DA promises R1 rent for Gauteng small businesses

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Owners of struggling Gauteng small businesses, pay attention!

If the DA wins the Gauteng province in the next election, they will rent office space to small businesses in Gauteng for a R1 a year. That is a promise by the party’s Gauteng premier candidate Mmusi Maimane. This was done at the DA’s provincial manifesto launch in Johannesburg.

Small businesses should not be left struggling to pay rent, when so many government buildings in Gauteng are vacant or half empty. 55% of the land in the province is owned by government. By saying this Maimane reminded every person with a small business idea, that this is their fight too.

The banners on the stage promoted change. DA leader Helen Zille declared that Maimane was the right man to lead Gauteng as he is a man of integrity, intelligence and determination. Most of the people dressed in DA attire, responded with song and cheering.

Change is possible in Gauteng and for Gauteng small businesses

Maimane told the crowd that change was never as possible as now. He is determined to win the election and bring that change through the DA. The party will fight for quality housing and title deeds for the people of the province, as almost 700 000 people are still waiting for their own house and title deed. That after 20 years of ANC governance.

Besides housing, Maimane’s focus is on job creation and he insisted that supporters fight for policies that creates jobs. It is his opinion that the ANC government, through e-tolls, is inhibiting job opportunities. Apparently Shoprite’s e-toll bill is already R4m. To pay this they will increase food prices and leave customers poorer.

The DA will also fight against crime so that no citizen of Gauteng has to live in fear of crime. Drug lords are reportedly operating from government housing. Maimane pledged solemnly to evict drug lords from all public property.

The DA will have a drug squad, a gang unit and a domestic violence unit established in Gauteng and they will fight against government corruption by cutting luxuries for government officials.

That is change for sure!



The best Personal Loan to get

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1st for Women Personal Loan

When you have a cash shortage – get a 1st for Women Personal Loan

There are many reasons and unforeseen circumstances that could cause a shortage in a girl’s budget. Don’t blame yourself, find a solution for it. Get a Personal Loan from 1st for Women.

We understand you and your needs. We know that sometimes, not often, any woman needs a financial breather. 1st for Women is there for you with a loan of up to R150 000. The We understand you and your needs. We know that sometimes, not often, any woman needs a financial breather. 1st for Women is there for you with a loan of up to R150 000. The money is yours to spend in any which way you need to.

Taking a Personal Loan from 1st for Women is not always a matter of extra debt to pay. For the wise girl, it will be a way to consolidate various smaller accounts. 1st for Women knows how busy the modern day woman is and with a personal loan from us you will only have one payment to make in stead of a number of smaller ones. We save you time and us girls know, time is money.

Get a Tailor-made Personal Loan at 1st for Women

It is true! Every woman is an individual with different needs and different financial circumstances. Therefore you will select any amount between R2000 and R150 000. If there is something you or your family need, you don’t have to go without it any longer.

You will also select a repayment term that suits your pocket. Any term between 12 months and 5 years will be acceptable. Obviously the sooner you pay it, the sooner you have more money to spend. The best news is that your repayments are fixed, so no interest rate fluctuations will affect you.

To apply for a personal loan, you will need:

• Your ID Number

• Full details of the bank account which your salary is paid to

• Clear credit references

• A consistent monthly income of R3 000 or more. If you’re self-employed you’ll need proof of your income in • A consistent monthly income of R3 000 or more. If you’re self-employed you’ll need proof of your income in the form of audited financial statements or balance sheet.

For a no fuss application, apply online for your Personal Loan at 1st for Women NOW!



Black Friday Internet Specials Insurance

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Get your Black Friday Internet Specials Insurance

Yep, it’s that time of year again! Black Friday – a shopper’s dream. Whether you shop online or at your local store, remember to get your new possessions insured with Black Friday Internet Specials Insurance right away.

At Dial Direct, we offer instant insurance for your laptops, jewellery, cellphones and all the things you buy during your Black Friday Specials shopping spree.

Get your Black Friday Internet Specials Insurance before anything happens to your new valued possessions and you wish you had them insured.

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