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The history of holiday and the holy days of history

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The history of holiday

              …………………  and the holy days of history

The very nature of work (and play for that matter) has changed over the ages. Some people did not work at all! In ancient China, the top notch royalty grew their nails so long it curved and curled into elaborate symbols of importance to prove one’s aristocratic background. The nails were decorated and displayed, and the people attached to these appendages had to be fed and dressed, washed and pampered. Try as I might to respect the customs of every culture, it seems pretty strange to me. But such is cultural conditioning, and what is respected by one culture is abhorred by another. How different is modern day China and the worldwide perception that the Chinese are the most hard-working people!

Customs and beliefs about work

In the caste systems of some cultures, certain labours are designated unclean, whereas I was raised to believe that all labour is ennobling. Whether you polish the silver of the cathedral or clean the toilets of the station, every job is important to keep the world going around. The millionaire mogul of a multi-national company is not more important than the man who removes the weeds in the wheat field. Everybody needs bread after all. What is important is whether you do the work with integrity and treat other people with decency. Like most cultural conditioning, this belief has served me more-or-less half the time.

Holy days

The word “holiday” comes from the holy days of religious festivals, when workers were given leave to attend worship or celebration, or the commemoration of an event, (like a king coming into power or a war ending). On these days people were exempt from work. On all other days people worked.

Fun and relaxation

It is a recent development in the history of mankind that one does and should have time for rest and recreation. And we jolly-well need it! Modern life is fast! The world is changing rapidly due to the advances in technology. The holding and supportive structures of the old rhythms and customs are no longer available to most of us. There is a price to pay for the freedom to do what we want: We are expected to do EVERYTHING!

That is why the re-creation of a holiday is essential. On holiday we create ourselves anew, so that we can be up to the demands of modern life.

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Should you Save More or Earn More?

Is depriving yourself of joy a good thing?

I shall never forget one of my most profound life’s lessons. It came, as many light bulb moments do, unexpectedly over a glass of wine. But what a glass!! A friend married a widower some years after the death of his first wife. His children were grown up and had left home. They invited us to dinner and served our wine. Two of the glasses were exquisite crystal, one in a deep shade of red and one in blue. The other people had wine in ordinary glasses. I commented on the fact and out came a story that held the seed of a life decision that has served me well: The husband and his brother were each given a set of 12 of these hand-cut glasses upon the occasions of their weddings, by their parents who had saved these 24 treasures when they had to flee their homes in Poland during the anti-Jewish pogroms. The first wife of our host had never used them for fear of breaking one. However, every time they moved house or when they were taken out of the display to be dusted, one would break. Now only two were left and the second wife decided to use them with respect but without fear and guilt. The host’s brother and his wife had used theirs regularly and often, and still had 7 unbroken ones left.

Poverty Consciousness

The fear of not having enough is often found to be unjustified. I still think about the Peter Jander painting I did not buy, but could have, as the worry about being too extravagant had turned out to be groundless. My family wanted for nothing after all; I had made a plan to earn more anyway.

There is a line in Charles Dickens uttered by (I think) old Mister Micawber who always had “penury difficulties” where he recalls the pleasure the purchase of a pretty bonnet for his wife had brought her. It is too, too counterproductive to skimp and save, and it sucks the energy and joy out of the day.


Isn’t it better to work creatively around what one earns, find ways of earning more, and enjoy the rewards? Isn’t it better by far to feel energised by a weekend by the sea? Don’t you feel as if you can stride across continents and sing on top of the world when you wear those gorgeous suede boots? I feel as if I can move mountains when I get something I want: I may not need that lovely pillar-box red gas heater. I could sit with a hot water bottle on my lap. But the comfort the heater brings builds courage for the next day’s work, allows me to give my all in my work, warms the creative juices, not only the toes.

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Business Insurance: Get it today!

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Get your Business Insurance NOW!

Business Insurance: Wise advice made for wise choice

Xolani flicked an imaginary speck of dust from the shiny buffet and smiled proudly at her granddaughter, Themba.
“You’ve done well, my child. I’m sure you’ll have guests flocking to sample the menu when you open in a week’s time. I’m so excited for you!”
Beaming, Themba nodded and slid open the doors leading onto the wide verandah. “Come see the view, Gogo,” she invited and gestured to the panoramic vista of dozens of exquisite Baobab trees that stood scattered among thick Mopane bush.
“Ah, I see now why you named your coffee shop ‘The Baobab’!” Xolani exclaimed. Then she pointed worriedly to the dark, threatening clouds looming overhead. “It seems like we’re still in for some heavy rain today.”
“Yes, I don’t like the look of those clouds. It’s been raining almost nonstop for days now,” Themba frowned. “Come, let’s rather go inside, Gogo. I’ll make us some tea.”
Xolani and Themba had scarcely sat down to enjoy their tea and scones when the storm broke loose. The heavens opened and rain came down in buckets. Thunder clapped deafeningly and had the woman looking at each other wide-eyed with shock.
“Oh no!” Xolani suddenly yelled and jumped up, pointing to the ceiling. “Look, Gogo, the water is coming in! There and there and…”
“Careful that you don’t slip, Themba!” Xolani warned when she stepped into a pool of icy water that had accumulated in the middle of the floor. “Look, the water is coming in from under the doors as well!”
“It’s flooding, Gogo! My coffee shop’s flooding! What am I to do?” Themba cried. “All my savings went into this place. I’m supposed to open in a week!”
Xolani folder her arms around Themba and patted her soothingly on the back. “Hush, my child. Remember, you’ve got Dial Direct Business Insurance. Your coffee shop’s covered against floods. Dial Direct will take care of everything!”
“You’re right, Gogo!” Themba smiled through her tears. “You advised me to call Dial Direct on 0860 10 45 80 and get business insurance. You’re so wise, Gogo!”

Why don’t you follow Gogo’s wise advice?

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Parmesan – Parmigiano-Reggiano

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Parmesan – Parmigiano-Reggiano

Why the name Parmesan – Parmigiano-Reggiano

Parmigiano-Reggiano is called Parmesan in English. It is a hard, granular cheese that is cooked but not pressed. This cheese is named after the areas where it is produced, which is the Provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Modena and Mantova, Italy.
Italian law prescribes that only cheese produced in these provinces may be labeled “Parmigiano-Reggiano”. European law classifies the name, as well as the translation “Parmesan”, as a protected designation of origin.

How is Parmesan – Parmigiano-Reggiano made?

Parmigiano-Reggiano is made from raw cow’s milk. To get naturally skimmed milk, milk is held in large shallow tanks to allow the cream to separate overnight. This skimmed milk and the whole milk of the morning milking is mixed and pumped into copper-lined vats. Starter whey is added, the temperature raised to 33–35 °C (91–95 °F). Calf rennet is added and all is left to curdle for 10–12 minutes.
The curd is minced into small pieces, the temperature raised to 55 °C (131 °F) under watchful control by the cheese-maker. The curd settles for 45–60 minutes and then collected in a piece of muslin and divided in two and placed in molds. At this point it weighs around 45 kg (100 lb).
The cheese is put into a stainless steel form that is pulled tight so the cheese keeps the wheel shape. Two days later, a plastic belt imprinted numerous times with the Parmigiano-Reggiano name, a number and the date of production, is put around the cheese. Then it goes into a brine bath to absorb salt for 20–25 days and aged for 12 months.
At 12 months, the Consorzio Parmigiano-Reggiano, inspects every cheese and it’ll either pass the test and get his stamp of approval or fail and gets marked so consumers know they are not getting top-quality Parmigiano-Reggiano. Modern practice simply have the cheese stripped of all markings.

Parmesan – Use of the name Parmigiano-Reggiano

The name is trademarked and legal exclusive regulation is exercised in Italy, over its production and sale by the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese Consorzio. It was government verdict.

Each wheel must meet strict criteria to merit the official seal. Because it is widely imitated, Parmigiano-Reggiano has become a progressively more regulated product and in 1955 it became a certified name. Looking at the process and time it takes to produce Parmesan – Parmigiano-Reggiano, one understands the high price.
In the US the name Parmesan is also used for cheeses which imitate Parmigiano-Reggiano, along with phrases such as “Italian hard cheese”.

BEWARE, if it doesn’t say Parmigiano-Reggiano it IS NOT Parmigiano-Reggiano!

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Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial Latest

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Oscar Pistorius Murder Case Continues

If found guilty Oscar Pistorius is potentially facing  life in prison. The defense opened its case by calling a pathologist to try and cast doubt on the prosecution’s declaration that Reeva ate only two hours before Oscar killed her.

The testimony of forensic pathologist Prof. Jan Botha is critical to the defense, as Pistorius declared they were in bed by 10 p.m. and any contradiction of that fact could dwindle the credibility of his description of the events. The prosecution claims Oscar intentionally killed Reeva Steenkamp after an argument.

Prof. Jan Botha is a valuable witness as he has done many thousands of autopsies in his career, of which at least 5000 involved gun shot killings. He declared that it is almost impossible to prove when last Reeva had something to eat before the incident. Also that she would not have been able to call out if the shots were fired in quick succession.

Questions for Oscar Pistorius that will dictate the case of the defense

Why did he shoot?

Pistorius must prove he acted legally in self-defense when he fired. Gerrie Nel, chief prosecutor, is expected to ask him tough but simple questions.

The prosecution made Pistorius appear to be trigger happy. Defense needs to show Pistorius was a careful gun owner but had good reason to feel at risk. Pistorius will have to convince why he thought he was truly in danger.

Will Pistorius keep his composure?

Oscar Pistorius has displayed varied emotional reactions. From hanging his head to crying, vomiting, turning red, staring intently at the proceedings, and scribbling notes to his lawyer.

His behavior on the stand could speak volumes.

Can the prosecution match the defense?

Barry Roux, Oscar’s lawyer, has asked each witness some twisted, grueling and intricate questions. Some witnesses were tripped, causing doubt to their memories of the incident. Nel will now be able to unravel Pistorius’ declarations.

Did police botch the investigation?

The South African Police was embarrassed by how some officers handled the crime scene in this trial. Evidence was moved and a watch may have been stolen. The case will not be dismissed because of these mistakes, but it may affect the outcome.

What will the judge do?

The biggest question is what Judge Thokozile Masipa is thinking of the facts and Oscar’s conduct thus far? Masipa alone will decide Pistorius’ fate. Up to now Masipa and her two assessors have quietly observed.



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Insure Today Blog: INSURANCE

The Insurance Today Blog provides you with facts about insurance, insurance trends from around the world and focuses on the following:

Car Insurance

Informative articles about the different Car Insurance Providers and links to the sites of the most prominent Car Insurance Companies.

Health Insurance

Facts about Health Insurance and things you should be aware of.

Home Insurance

This category provides you with valuable information regarding Home Contents Insurance, Buildings Insurance and Portable Possessions Insurance.

Insurance Tips

Over here you get Insurance Tips, ways how to pay less on insurance and how Insurance Companies actually determine your insurance Premiums.

Insurance Trends

We take a look at trends – both global and local.

Travel Insurance

Everything you need to know about Travel Insurance, including both local and overseas travel.

The Insurance Today Blog: What else?

The Insure Today Blog also features fun articles, hot news and much more. You can find fun and informative articles about special occasions like Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter, Black Friday Shopping, Christmas and much, much more.

The 3 Biggest Insurance Claims and Payouts

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Insurance Payout

Listed below are 3 of the biggest insurance claim payouts regarding private claimants. Bigger insurance payouts involve mass payouts to victims of earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. The last claim here will definitely leave you thinking and wondering …

The 3 Biggest Insurance Claims & Payouts: $37 Million (£23 Million)

During 2012, Agnes Collier, a 17 year old student from London, received one of the biggest insurance claim payouts when she was awarded £23 Million. She was involved in a vehicle accident and was left severely disabled. Her mother died in the same accident.

Her payout is based on a lump sum payment of $11.5 million, with additional annual payments up to a total amount of $37 million to help cover her medical expenses.

Agnes is making good progress and plans to study at Oxford or Cambridge. She has the aid of a scribe and some motor function has also returned to her arms.

The 3 Biggest Insurance Claims & Payouts: $7,75 Million (£4,7 Million)

The second biggest of insurance claim payouts was also made in 2012.

In Virginia, a man slipped and fell on ice in his driveway. He broke a number of bones and eventually, seriously complications developed regarding these injuries. Due to the fact that the claimant is a diabetic, treatment was complicated.

The case was awarded in favour of the claimant, because the landlord failed to remove snow and treat the ice-covered areas with sand or salt. This is a requirement of law in the state of Virginia.

The 3 Biggest Insurance Claims & Payouts: $1,5 Million (£910,000)

<img src="Rowan Atkinson.jpg" alt="Rowan Atkinson" width="113" height="112">
Mr Bean or Mr Gold?

Maybe the strangest of the 3 biggest insurance claim payouts, is the case involving Rowan Atkinson, well-known for his portrayal of Mr Bean.

In a historical insurance claim case, he was awarded the biggest car insurance claim ever recorded in the UK. Atkinson slipped on ice, crashed his McLaren into a tree and injured his shoulder. Atkinson’s previous car insurance claim, also involving his beloved McLaren, was also paid out.

<img src="McLaren car.jpg" alt="McLaren car" width="138" height="91">
Mr Bean’s McLaren

That leaves us wondering about his current insurance premiums …

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Michael Schumacher – The Greatest F1 driver ever

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Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher F1 Champion

Michael Schumacher was born on 3 January 1969 in Hürth, West Germany. The 45 year old F1 Racing Driver started his formidable career at the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix, then went on to win his first race the very next year at the 1992 Belgian Grand Prix.

His active racing years on the circuit spanned the period between 1991 and 2012, with a break from F1 driving between 2006 and 2010. He competed in 308 races, winning 91 and accumulating 1,566 career points whilst racing for the Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari and Mercedes teams.

Schumacher’s last win was at the 2006 Chinese Grand Prix and he took part in his last race, the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix, before retiring from F1 racing.

According to the official Formula One website, Schumacher is “statistically the greatest driver the sport has ever seen” and regarded by many as one of the all time greatest F1 drivers. He holds numerous driver records, including fastest laps, pole positions and the most races (13) won in one season.

Michael Schumacher – Where to from now?

Global concern grows for the prognosis of Michael Schumacher, after his head struck a rock whilst skiing in Meribel, France.

“After his skiing accident, he may never be the same again.”

A brain specialist spoke these ominous words after French doctors have conducted medical tests on the former F1 champion. During an emergency operation, a small part of his skull was removed in order to relieve pressure on his brain and although his condition is stable, he remains in critical condition.

Doctors further state that he may not be the same person as before and may be hampered by limitations, which will be extremely difficult for him to come to terms with.

Michael Schumacher is a legend and his legacy lives on.

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Michael Schumacher Ferrari F1

High-Risk Lifestyles and Life Insurance

For people in high-risk occupations and leading an adventurous life, life insurance is vital.

But, generally speaking, anyone is at risk – even if you walk across the street, drive to work or cycle on the road. Vehicle accidents are responsible for an escalating number of deaths. Disability due to accidents is a life changing event and puts a heavy financial strain on the disabled person and his/her family.

Life Insurance

You can cover your life for an amount that will be paid to selected beneficiaries and ease the financial strain when you are no longer able to provide for your loved ones.

Disablement Insurance: Occupation-based and Event-based

Both of these Disability cover options provide financial compensation in the unfortunate event that you become disabled or medically unfit to earn an income.

Dread Disease Insurance

Dread Disease Insurance covers you financially when you are diagnosed with a critical illness or medical condition such as cancer, organ failure and severe heart conditions.

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Home Insurance Premiums

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How your Home Insurance premium is calculated

Insurance companies determine Home Insurance premiums according to certain statistics. These statistics include the location of your house and your postal code. Low risk areas with fewer break-ins pay lower premiums than high risk areas.

Your claims history may influence your premium as well. If you have submitted fewer claims, your premium will be lower. When you claim regularly, you are viewed as a high risk and your home insurance premiums will reflect that fact.

Home Insurance: Buildings

Your Buildings Insurance Premiums are usually based on the following:

The size of your house

Home Insurance premiums will be higher for larger houses, because the cost of rebuilding is higher. Should your home be damaged, more repairs will be needed if compared to a smaller house.

The type of construction of your house

Brick houses pose lower risks than wooden houses and insurance companies generally provide lower insurance premiums for brick houses. The possibility of fire damage to wooden houses is greater and therefore increase the risk. The same applies to flooding, where the damage to wooden houses will be greater than to brick houses.

Type of roof

Tiled and sink roofs are lower risks than thatched roofs. Insurance premiums for houses with thatched roofs are therefore higher than tiled or sink roofs.

Security alarms and fencing

If you have a house alarm, adequate fencing, security gates and window barrier bars, your home insurance premium will be lower.

Home Insurance: Home Contents

The value of your home contents

Home contents with a higher value will lead to a higher premium and is generally covered against theft, loss and damage.

Home Insurance: Portable Possessions

Portable Possessions are the items you take with you from time to time and include your laptop, cellphone, glasses, handbag or briefcase, camera, clothing and jewellery. Items with a higher value can be specified and your cover will be adapted accordingly.

Keep in mind that your home insurance should reflect the cost of rebuilding your home, as well as replacing your home contents at current value. If your Home Insurance policy is not reviewed regularly, you may be under-insured.

Income Insurance

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Get Income Insurance before its too late!

Do you have Income Insurance?

You are secure in your job and rely on receiving a monthly income. Your salary covers the house bond, groceries, car payment, school fees, utility bills and more. Have you ever given thought to the unfortunate possibility of not getting a monthly income?

What would happen if you are retrenched? Involved in an accident and unable to earn an income? What if you become ill and lose your income?

The best time to provide for unfortunate circumstances is now. Safeguard your future with Income Insurance and rest assured that you will be covered for the important monthly expenses you can’t afford not to pay.

What is Income Insurance?

Income Insurance is an insurance policy that provides protection for periods when you do not receive an income. Income Insurance pays you a percentage of your current monthly salary each month when you do not work due to legal retrenchment, temporary illness or injury.

Income Insurance period of payment

Your Income Insurance is paid out on a monthly basis and usually pays out for a period of up to six months. However, different Insurance Providers offer Income Insurance products that may vary, so the best option is to shop around for a package that suits your needs and budget.

In the event of permanent disability, your Income Insurance plan generally pays out until you reach the age of 65 years. This is applicable when you are unable to perform In the event of permanent disability, your Income Insurance plan generally pays out until you reach the age of 65 years. This is applicable when you are unable to perform any type of work suited to your circumstances.

Calculation of Income Insurance

On average, Insurance Providers estimate your monthly pay-out at between 65% and 75% of your current salary. This means that you will be able to pay urgent and necessary household accounts.

Income Insurance products may vary, so shop around until you find the product that suits you.