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Surviving change – High School to University

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Surviving change in the transition from High School to University

The Changes a student might me challenged with:

It is seldom realized what challenges the transition from High School to University could hold. Students are not only faced with a new environment, new people, rules and regulations, but are additionally faced with a diversity of languages and cultures they might not have been used to back home. They might have to learn to live in a society which isn’t as conservative as what they were used to.

Then, apart from all that, they would be forced to learn to do things on their own. At University your parents and lovable, nagging teachers aren’t there to help you get through the work, attend your classes or to help you with your assignments. It is your own responsibility whether you attend your classes or not and to know when you have an assignment due. Students are also faced with an enormous amount of work and mostly the work is self-study, which means it is yet again your own responsibility to do it. Unlike your teachers in High School, your lecturers won’t beg you to finish or hand in the work. If you don’t do it, it’s an incomplete mark against your name which may result in  a failed course.

5 Tips on how to handle these changes:

1. Stress

With all the work stress and the negativity caused by being away from home, it is important to stay busy. If you stay busy you don’t have time to feel homesick and in this way you stay on schedule with your work load.

2. Social Events

It is also a good thing to participate in social events or to become a part of the University’s societies. This will create opportunities for you to meet people and make new friends. By making new friends your new environment will become more like a home to you and you’ll feel less alone.

3. Exercise

Becoming a member of a gym is another way to keep you positive about the changes you have to deal with and by staying fit will also make you feel better about yourself physically.

4. Entertainment

You could also put some time aside to explore your new environment by going to museums, art galleries, shopping malls, coffees shops and festivals. In this way you familiarize yourself with your new home and it will open your eyes to the beauty it has to offer.

5. Communication

As you explore your new environment and participate in some of the activities held by the University, make your parents or friends back home part of your new experiences by telling them about it. This will not only help you to stay in contact with them, but it will also help you avoid feeling as if you’ve lost them since you’ve moved away.

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Author: Irene van Staden

Irene van Staden is currently a second year student at the University of Stellenbosch, studying BA (Art and Culture). Her interests range from language dialects, visual art, literature, art festivals, theatre, cultural movements and student life.

Contact details:

Irene is available to write Guest Posts for your website or blog. Contact her at the e-mail address provided.

Top 5 Cars: What our cars say about us

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The good and faithful, the memory-maker and the dream-chaser

The old adage goes: “The best car is a paid off car”, but for most of us our cars are far more than the monthly payments we have to make on them. Our cars reflect who we are and where we are in our lives. The symbolic status of the following cars has made them unabashed icons on South African roads:

1 Citi Golf

The good old Citi Golf – never has a car been more akin to student life that VW’s Citi Golf. Although no longer in production this car is still a standard issue with all student cards. It is the pure economy of this car, both at initial purchase and subsequent maintenance that made it the must have entry-level car for many generations.

2 VW Polo

The red ribbon Polo – Diving through that red ribbon to get to that “new car smell” the mark of the new entrants into the job market is VW’s Polo. Offering dependability, fuel efficiency and just enough curve-appeal to remain cool this is just the car to have when buying your own first car.

3 Toyota Corolla

Faithful Toyota Corolla – For decades a symbol of reliability, the Toyota Corolla has been the sensible car for young families and people that have secured themselves in their careers. Offering a balance between comfort and economy this car’s most attractive trait remains its reputation for being utterly reliable.

4 BMW 320i

Put on your power-suit with the BMW 320i – This is your statement car. This is the car to say: “I’m no longer keeping up with the Flintstones!” This car most often chosen by the newly successful offers performance and luxury.

5  Bentley V8

Platinum Status – Bentley V8 is the ultimate driving experience, unrivaled in its combination of luxury and performance, but affordable only to the elite.

Whatever car you choose: good old faithful, the memory-maker or the big dream chasers – they are wheels that like rolling.

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Author: William Carter

Bio:        William Carter – Freelance writer that likes writing about actual events that are relevant to the time we are in. My passion is people, we are so diverse in many ways, my opinion might not be yours but in today’s world we all have the right to opinions and formulations. It is nice to be able to debate and in the end be as we are.

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Africa Day – 25 May

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Do you celebrate Africa Day?

Africa Day is a remembrance of the continent’s liberation from colonial rule under whatever nation and the founding of the African Union more than 50 years ago. This day is acknowledged worldwide and is a public holiday in Ghana.
Events around the continent of Africa

Nigeria: In Lagos, capital of Nigeria, African Fashion Week makes its debut from 17 May in the Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island.

Morocco: The Festival Mawazine Rhythms of the World, which promotes sincerity and tolerance to other cultures, offers a musical journey to every corner of the globe. This year is the 13th anniversary of the festival and takes place in Rabat from 30 May. America, Lebanon and France, among others, will be represented.

Swaziland: The Bushfire Festival draws people from all over the world to the scenic Malkerns valley, as many as 20 000. They bring their fire and passion for “igniting a collective response for positive change”. The big attraction this year from 30 May is Grammy Award-winning Ladysmith Black Mambazo. It also offers family-friendly entertainment, handcraft and food stalls.

Mozambique: The third annual Azgo Music Festival runs from 23 May on Samora Machel Ave in Maputo. It offers audiences 20 local, continental and international acts. Azgo means ‘let’s go’ but also means ‘let’s come together’, a suitable description of the event.

Namibia: In Windhoek on 18 May, the Windhoek Light Namib Quest mountain bike stage race begins. The 500km route, described as a ‘safari on a mountain bike’, ends on 23 May in Swakopmund. It takes riders through iconic landscapes which include the Namib Naukluft National Park.

Kenya: The 17th BuildExpo Kenya 2014 took place in Nairobi this month. Their construction industry is confident and ready for major growth, as this country’s infrastructure, economy, tourism resorts and residential sector are booming!

Uganda: the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe hosts the 25th Conference for the African Association of Zoos and Aquaria from 20 to 23 May. The theme for this year is ‘Thinking In-situ and Ex-situ Conservation for the future. Plans made there will benefit the children of Africa.

Who will dare to say: “ Forget about Africa, nothing ever happens there”?!

Ref.: SAA Sawubona

This article originally posted on: and reposted with permission.


The BEST cheap car insurance ever!

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Excellent cover smart cheap car insurance

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What is Budget SAVER from Budget Insurance?

Budget SAVER is an exciting new car insurance product from Budget Insurance that will allow you to save even more! Budget Insurance is aware of the rising cost of life and they want to assist their clients in getting decent car insurance at low prices.

With Budget SAVER, you decide what amount of basic cover you want, then you add on additional cover options until you have exactly what suits your lifestyle and your budget.

Budget Insurance always cuts the cost and not the cover, but with Budget SAVER they cut the cost even more!

1st for Women for Designer Insurance at Discount Prices

With BetterCar from 1st for Women, you save MORE on traditional car insurance, even though you already pay up to 29% less on your already cheap car insurance with 1st for Women.

Mindblowing Car Insurance with BetterCar from 1st for Women

You can now replace the car that you are driving at the moment with a newer model!

BetterCar will replace your car when it is written off with:

  • The same model car that is 1 year younger
  • The same model car with 20 000 km less on the clock
  • BetterCar Car Insurance Terms & Conditions
  • You qualify if your car is 8 years old or younger
  • All write-off claims qualify, except theft-related write-off claims
  • Your minimum BetterCar pay-out will amount to 15% plus the retail value of your vehicle that was written off
  • Your maximum BetterCar pay-out will amount to 40% plus the retail value of your vehicle that was written off

Car Insurance Premiums: Men vs Women

Do men or women pay lower Car Insurance Premiums?

The battle of the sexes is on!

Men against women. Who pays lower car insurance premiums and why?

Have a look at the following infographic and find the clues …

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Accidents: Men are more likely to be involved in an accident than women. Statistics show that 82% of men have been involved in accidents, compared to 72% of women.

Men are more likely to have hit an animal while driving. Men 60% vs women 41%. Then, 46% of men have had a close call with a cyclist or pedestrian versus 35% of women.

Speeding: This is not really a difficult option … Men that regularly drive at high speed hit the jackpot at 10% against only 6% of women. What’s more – 13% of men admit to ignoring speed limits compared to 6% of women.

Driver Etiquette: Rude gestures and foul language when driving are some of the communication techniques 59% of men use when driving. Female drivers are, however, not far behind with 55%. One in five men admits to being an impatient driver, compared to one in six women.

Distractions: Men are more likely than women to lose concentration when changing radio stations – men 42% vs 38% of women. One in five men use cellphones without a hands-free kit when driving against one in six women.

Impaired Driving: Nearly half of all men have driven when having consumed alcohol over the legal limit against one in four women. Men 48% vs women 26%

Risk: Men take more risks than women and are also more prone to overtake in dangerous situations.

Insurance Companies and car insurance premiums

Men are viewed as higher risk drivers than women and that is why their car insurance premiums are higher. There are exceptions to the rule, but car insurance premiums are determined by statistics.

At 1st for Women , women can pay up to 29% less for car insurance premiums!

Men can get affordable and simple, smart insurance at Dial Direct.

Are you a safe driver?

Why do I need Car Insurance?

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Nobody can do without Car Insurance

Do I really need Car Insurance?

Life is expensive enough as it is, so why do I need the added expense of car insurance premiums?

When you own a car, you immediately fall into a higher risk category. You now own a valuable item that may break down, get stolen, catch fire and be involved in an accident. In order to cover your car against unfortunate events as noted above, car insurance is the answer.

Car Insurance may also save you from financial ruin if you are involved in an accident and cause injury or death to a  third party or damage to third party property.

Note: When you sell your car, never cancel your insurance before the title is transferred to the new owner.

Young adults and car insurance

Young adults up to the age of 25 generally find that they pay higher car insurance premiums than older drivers and there are a few reasons for this issue. Insurance Providers state that young drivers are less experienced, more prone to speeding, DUI and reckless driving. Young drivers can counter this, by undergoing an Advanced Driver Course and keeping their driving record clean.

What does 3rd Party Insurance cover?

Third Part Liability covers accidental  damages and injury to a third party and third party property by you. This is cheap insurance and excludes damage to your own car, but will help to pay for damages to third party property.

The risk of Car Theft

In South Africa, Car Insurance with theft cover is vital, especially if you take into account the high rate of  hijackings and car theft portrayed in annual statistical reports.

If your car was stolen, would you be able to afford a new car right away?

Car theft is covered in both 3rd Party, Fire & Theft and Comprehensive Insurance policies.

Note: Cheap insurance is not always the best option. You may get more value for money if you take the more expensive option.

Is Medical Cover included In Car Insurance Policies?

Insurance Companies offer a generous range of insurance products, many of which cover medical cost up to specified amounts. You can buy additional insurance products in order to augment your basic car insurance policy with additional medical cover. Insurance policies also include a wide collection of benefits and essential medical assistance at no extra cost to the policy holder.

Insurance Law

Although many countries across the world enforce laws that make car insurance compulsory, South Africa is not there yet. Legislation enforcing car insurance is on the table and all South African drivers may soon be required to get at least 3rd Party Insurance.

Budget Insurance

Be prepared when unforeseen circumstances like car theft, a car accident or fire damage to your car occur. At Budget Insurance you can tailor your insurance to your individual circumstances at a price that suits your budget.




Car Insurance 101

Are you buying a new car ?

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First-time car buyers need to be informed on car insurance facts
First-time car buyers and Car Insurance

For a first-time car buyer, the process may prove to be a difficult decision. Many people that buy a car for the first time are not aware of the fact that they need to have insurance before driving their new car off the showroom floor. Financial institutions providing the finance for the purchase insist on the new, financed car being insured. The main reason for this is that they want to ensure that their new asset is protected.

Get at least 3 Car Insurance Quotes

Never accept the first offer that is given to you. Get at least 3 quotes and compare both the products and cost before making your decision.

Many banks or financial institutions are affiliated to an insurance company or brokerage firm. New buyers therefore may find themselves feeling bulldozed to take insurance cover through the bank’s preferred supplier.

It is important to know that this cannot be enforced on the new buyer and the decision lies with the client. This makes it essential to shop around for competitive car insurance quotes, to ensure that you are offered the best deal. Ensure that both cover and price suit your individual needs.

Do cash buyers need Car Insurance?

Cash buyers are not exempt from getting car insurance for their new car. Car theft, hijackings and deteriorating road conditions are factors that may cause your car to be damaged or stolen. Car Insurance will cover you against most of these unforeseen events, depending on which Car Insurance Option you select.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance: You are covered against accidental damage, theft, fire and third party liability. All new, financed cars have to be comprehensively insured.

Third Party, Fire and Theft: You are covered against third party liability, theft and fire, excluding accidental damage to your own car.

Third Party Only: Third party liability only.

Select ample cover at a price you can afford and that suits your individual needs. You can tailor your auto insurance with a wide variety of Value Added Products at very little additional cost.

The most important fact still remains: Shop around and compare quotes before you decide to purchase car insurance.

A Guide To Car Insurance


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Choose a Car Insurance policy that suits your individual needs

Whether you’re buying clothing, jewellery or shopping for car insurance, you always want to get the best value for your money. But, what’s the secret to finding reliable, affordable car insurance that won’t cost an arm and a leg?

Shop around for the best deal on car insurance

Get quite a few car insurance quotes from different insurance companies before you buy or renew your policy. Insurance companies vary, so you could get a better deal somewhere else.

Don’t be afraid to change car insurance companies

You can switch insurance companies whenever you want, even if it’s in the middle of your car  insurance policy term. If you find a better rate, switch over and save. Be sure to have your new policy in order before cancelling the old one so that you do not end up with no cover for an indefinite period of time.

Car Insurance Policies

There are three types of Auto Insurance Policies:

Comprehensive Car Insurance

A fully comprehensive policy includes Third Party, Fire and Theft and also covers damage to your own vehicle in the event of an accident. There are many extras, too, for example it will also give you cover when you drive another person’s car.

Third party, Fire and Theft

You get third party cover, as well as two useful pieces of cover – fire damage to and theft of your car, including damage caused by a theft or attempted theft.

Third party Only

This is most suitable for older cars that are fully paid and covers your legal liability if you damage someone else’s physical property (walls, vehicles, gates etc.) due to a motoring accident.

Factors that affect your car insurance premiums

A great variety influences your auto insurance premiums and these include:

Age: Young drivers are charged with higher premiums because of their lack of driving experience.

Job: If you work from home, you will pay less than when you drive at peak traffic on a daily basis.

Driving Record: A good driving record shows you as a lower risk and your premiums are lower.

The car you drive: The higher the value of the vehicle, the higher the premium. High performance vehicles are also more expensive to insure than their standard equivalents.

Location of the car: You’ll pay more if you keep the car in a high-crime area or park it on the street at night. Rather park your car in a locked garage overnight and your car insurance premium will be lower.

Usage of car: You’ll pay more if, for example, you plan to use the car for business delivery purposes. You pay lower car insurance premiums if you use your car for social or domestic purposes only.

Excess Payment: The higher the excess, the lower the premiums.

Security: Gear Locks and Satellite Tracking will help reduce your premiums

Happy driving and good luck in finding the auto insurance that suits your individual needs!


8 Easy Ways to Cheaper Car Insurance

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Shop around online for car insurance

Car insurance is one of the most expensive costs involved in driving a car, but it’s not something you can do without. That doesn’t mean you have to blindly pay whatever the first insurer you contact, quotes. There are several simple things you can do to reduce the cost of your premiums. Read through these 8 items and you’ll definitely be more aware of ways to save on car insurance right away.

1. Shop around and buy Car Insurance online

Statistics show that most people simply renew their current policies without shopping around. The internet makes it easy to compare prices from different insurance companies, so why not take advantage of this? Plus, you usually get a discount of 10% or more just for buying your car insurance policy online.

2. Type of Car Insurance Policy

Do you really need a comprehensive policy with all the extras? A Third Party, Fire & Theft policy can reduce your premiums hugely, and is definitely worth considering if your car isn’t an expensive model. However, if you driva a financed car, you are required to get Comprehensive Cover. Third Party Only cover is best suited for old cars thar are already paid in full.

3. No claims discounts on Car Insurance

Almost all policies feature a discount that increases for every year you don’t submit a claim. The higher the discount available, the more you could save. Also look at insurance companies offering a no claims bonus for life feature, where your current discount level can be fixed forever, even if you have to make a claim somewhere in the future.

4. Car Insurance Policy: Excess

The excess on a policy is the amount of a claim you have to pay before the insurer pays the rest. Choosing to have a higher than standard excess level will usually mean lower premiums. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for payment of the selected amount before your insurance provider pays the outstanding amount.

5. Security of your car

Fitting your vehicle with an alarm, immobiliser, or other security devices may allow your premium to be reduced. Overnight parking of your car in a locked garage will also reduce your premium as compared to leaving your car in an open parking space or at the side of the road.

6. Try to pay your Car Insurance annually

Many insurers charge you interest for the privilege of paying in monthly installments. Pay annually if you can afford it or look for a car insurance company who does not charge extra for monthly payment of premiums.

7. Mileage on your car

The more mileage you run up every year, the more your insurance will cost. Even if you are  unable to reduce your mileage, make sure that you provide your insurer with an accurate figure.

8. Drivers on your Car Insurance Policy

The more drivers you have on your policy, the more it will cost. Reduce the number of people insured to drive your car to the minimum possible. Also try to get the policy in the name of the designated driver with the lowest risk profile. For example, if a car is driven by both a man and a woman, insuring it in the woman’s name will often result in a lower quote.

An interesting fact is that female drivers may pay up to 29% less on car insurance than their male counterparts.


5 Ways to lower your Auto Insurance Premium

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Shop around before selecting your Insurance Provider
Are you looking for ways to lower your Auto Insurance Premium?

Auto insurance premiums can escalate, depending on factors that include your age, past driving record, and even your credit history. However, the trick is to find ways to lower your annual pay-off. Through intensive research, we can now give you the 5 quickest ways to lower your Auto Insurance Premium.

Auto Insurance Tip 1: Increase your deductible or excess

Deductible or Excess is the amount that you would pay before your insurance policy starts paying. Stop trying to pay the lowest deductible. Rather go for a higher out of pocket payment plan that you can comfortably afford. This is an easy way to reduce your premium amount. However, be aware of the fact that if something happens to your vehicle – you need to pay out the Excess or Deductible amount determined by you to cover the initial expenses.

Auto Insurance Tip 2: Park your vehicle in a garage overnight

One of the simplest ways to cut down on insurance premium is to park your vehicle in a garage overnight. This may cut up to 20% of your premium. In a garage, the chances of your vehicle getting stolen or damaged are considerably lower. Parking in a garage could mean a difference between a preferred rate and a standard rate.

Auto Insurance Tip 3: Shop around and bargain for Auto Insurance

Make sure that you have at least three to four auto insurance quotes before making your decision. Ensure that you are not shopping for price alone, but the whole deal, including auto insurance products available and the claim pay-out history of Insurance Providers.

Auto Insurance Tip 4: Take a Defensive Driving Course

By undergoing an approved advanced or defensive driving course, you can obtain discounts on your premium of up to 10%. First affirm this information with your Auto Insurance Provider, as insurance packages vary.

Auto Insurance Tip 5: Downsizing Auto Coverage

Downsizing your car insurance coverage is the easiest way to lower your premium. Keep in mind that Insurance Providers require comprehensive cover for financed vehicles. If you drive an older car, you may opt for Third Party, Fire & Theft cover, which excludes accidental damage to your own vehicle. Third Party Only cover is suitable for older cars that are already paid off.

We trust that this information was helpful. Please fee free to leave a comment.