Car Insurance Premiums: Men vs Women

Do men or women pay lower Car Insurance Premiums?

The battle of the sexes is on!

Men against women. Who pays lower car insurance premiums and why?

Have a look at the following infographic and find the clues …

<img src="women vs men insurance.jpg" alt="Women vs Men Insurance" width="450" height="633">


Accidents: Men are more likely to be involved in an accident than women. Statistics show that 82% of men have been involved in accidents, compared to 72% of women.

Men are more likely to have hit an animal while driving. Men 60% vs women 41%. Then, 46% of men have had a close call with a cyclist or pedestrian versus 35% of women.

Speeding: This is not really a difficult option … Men that regularly drive at high speed hit the jackpot at 10% against only 6% of women. What’s more – 13% of men admit to ignoring speed limits compared to 6% of women.

Driver Etiquette: Rude gestures and foul language when driving are some of the communication techniques 59% of men use when driving. Female drivers are, however, not far behind with 55%. One in five men admits to being an impatient driver, compared to one in six women.

Distractions: Men are more likely than women to lose concentration when changing radio stations – men 42% vs 38% of women. One in five men use cellphones without a hands-free kit when driving against one in six women.

Impaired Driving: Nearly half of all men have driven when having consumed alcohol over the legal limit against one in four women. Men 48% vs women 26%

Risk: Men take more risks than women and are also more prone to overtake in dangerous situations.

Insurance Companies and car insurance premiums

Men are viewed as higher risk drivers than women and that is why their car insurance premiums are higher. There are exceptions to the rule, but car insurance premiums are determined by statistics.

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Are you a safe driver?