How to buy Travel Insurance

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Travel Insurance is the safe way to go!

You can obtain decent Travel Insurance through any of the following providers:

  • Your Insurance Company
  • Travel Agent
  • Specialist Travel Insurance Companies

Where to buy Travel Insurance

You buy Travel Insurance in your country of residence. This has to be the country you wish to be evacuated to in case of a medical emergency.

Travel Insurance for Regular Travelers

You are considered a regular traveler when you travel abroad at least three times per year. Shop around for Travel Insurance that allows you to purchase cover for a number of trips in a specified time frame. Trip by trip cover is more expensive, so if you can get cover for six months or even a year, you’ll definitely save money.

When to buy Travel Insurance

Buy your Travel Insurance as soon as you have finalized your travel plans. You  are covered as soon as you buy your Travel Policy. So, if you buy your ticket without buying a Travel Policy and you are injured the next day and unable to travel, you will not be covered.

Buy your Travel Policy well in advance and ensure that you are covered for medical expenses, medical evacuation and lost baggage and travel documents.

Happy Traveling!