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 Love your Funny Valentine

“Laughter flows where my lovely one goes”

Life is cussed. Things often do not work out the way we imagine. It is often hard for the romantics among us to accept that there is a gap between reality and our dreams. With maturity comes the insight to accept what we cannot perfect. The risk is that one can become cynical if one has too many disappointments. Do NOT let that happen!

The gift of humour

My favourite Valentine’s Day story started off badly but ended well. The participants both had a sense of humour and a gift for having a good time. To this day they share much laughter, and can see humour in many situations that would spoil times … and eventually relationships, for other people.

A friend met her husband while they were both on a flight from Europe to New Zealand.  It happened to be Valentine’s Day and the airline served complimentary champagne to everybody. She started chatting to the Greek gentleman who was seated next to her, who confessed that it was also his birthday. She asked him what he did, what his career was, and whether he was traveling for work or pleasure. He said that he owned a sheep, and was on his way to New Zealand because he wanted to buy another sheep. She thought that he was a poor man, a struggling sheep farmer who owned only one animal, desperately wanting to get hold of another one with a good pedigree, traveling alone on his birthday. She generously ordered the most expensive bottle of champagne they had on board, and toasted him. They exchanged addresses and before she knew what had hit her, he was courting her. It turned out that his accent and his destination, New Zealand, obscured the sense of their conversation: He owned a SHIP, not a sheep, and was in the process of acquiring a second ship. He is a very wealthy shipping magnate. They have been married for 40 years, and on every Valentine’s Day she gives him a small statue or painting of a sheep, and he gives her an ornament or painting of a ship. They stare into each other’s eyes and grin like teenagers.