Aspects of Time: Finding the gift

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Finding the gift of Time

 The value of this precious commodity depends on how you view it. Let’s have a look at Time and how we identify with its various aspects.

Linear Time: A man-made commodity

Linear Time is a human invention. We’ve derived means to appoint seconds, minutes and hours to a day, followed by weeks, months and years ~ all linked to cycles and seasons. Let face it; although Time-keeping is man-made, it does have its benefits like keeping appointments or scheduling certain activities.

Subjective Time: A circumstantial commodity

We alter Time according to the situation we find ourselves in; Time can stand still, seem like an eternity, you can lose track of it … Time can speed up, and during a life-threatening event you may see your whole life flash in front of your eyes in an instant when the moment  moves back into the past.

Objective Time: Past, present and Future

We now understand the concept of linear Time as well as subjective Time, so what does ‘Objective Time’ mean? Is this perhaps where the true value of  Time lies?

When we look at the future, we can say with certainty that it does not exist. It is an unknown dimension that has not been explored yet, although the possibility exists that the next moment, the very future itself, is shaped by our decisions, choices or even worries.

Looking at the past, most people will agree that it does not exist either. It’s over and done with, and nothing you can do can change those mistakes and mishaps or bring back the good old days.

So if the future and past don’t exist, we are left with the present, the true gift of Time.

How you use the present, determines the value of this aspect of Time. Here your dreams and visions are shaped, or here your fears take a foothold.

It’s quite safe to conclude that the Present is our most valuable commodity.

Objectively speaking of course …

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Author: Sharon du Plessis

Bio: Artist and Writer, author and illustrator of self-published Afrikaans Tarot Deck, Shaman apprentice and teacher.