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Choices, choices …

Everything in life comes down to our own choices, really. All the good and the bad stuff happening to us is the direct result of the choices we made up to that moment. If we live the same way, make all the same decisions and do all the things in the same way we used to in the past, our future will be exactly the same. If your life is perfect and you are perfectly happy with everything, it is fantastic then!

What if your life isn’t completely what you like it to be? It is difficult to take responsibility for the things you believe to be someone else’s fault. We commonly like to play the Blaming Game, rather than taking charge. It is so much easier to avoid making those tough choices we know we have to. Sometimes we just have to toughen up. What better time than the brand new year of 2015 for making the necessary changes. Why settle for a mediocre year if you could choose for 2015 to be nothing less than spectacular?

Oh my Goodness, Someone Moved My Cheese!

It might be much easier said than done if the rug was pulled out from under your feet and your life was thrown into turmoil. We as human beings mostly like things to always be more or less the same. We feel threatened when things get difficult. The only thing in life we can always be one hundred percent certain of, is Change. Everything else can vary at any given moment without warning.

Dr. Spencer Johnson wrote a curious, but brilliant little book called “Who Moved My Cheese?” The mouse characters looking to find their (metaphoric) cheese, had to deal with their fear of change when the cheese was moved to another location in the maze.


If all of us would just take these wise words to heart and really, really live them out, we would live in a complete different world! It is so much easier to be the popular yes-man, than to actually take action. Let us all be the change we want to see in 2015!

Author: Maritha Koortzen

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The author writes to various websites and newspapers mostly on Health and Social Issues. She also talks at Ladies Events about Health and Wellness.

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