The 7 worst Valentine Cards

The 7 worst Valentine Cards you can give or get

These Valentine Cards are examples of what you should NOT give or send to your Valentine. If you are in a relationship, you can prepare to get dumped either on or right after Valentine’s Day.  If you are single, prepare to stay that way …

1 The Valentine Card from a would-be poet:

Not such a good idea if you hardly know the person. You may just cause the poor girl (or guy) to run. Away from you.

“Roses are red

Violets are blue

I want to

Undress you”

2 The  more conservative approach:

This Valentine Card may leave you without a Valentine. In fact, why don’t you just write that you’d actually like to be just friends.

“Let’s just take it slow”

3 The Too Much Honesty Approach

Honesty is good. Up to a certain point. Too much honesty may just not have the desired effect. What do you think about this wording in a Valentine Card?

“You’re not really as fat as you think”

4 The Comedy Approach

This may be taking comedy to the brink of disaster. The Valentine Card shows the picture of a urinal. Yes, a urinal. The message inside reads:

“Urinal my thoughts”

5 The Brutally honest Valentine Card

This card says totally more than it should …

“I tolerate you”

6 The Valentine Card that makes one wonder …

The picture on the card shows a funny little blob, melting hearts and then the wording …

“I’d love you even if you were so ugly that everyone died.”

7 The worst ever Valentine Card mistake

Ok, this wording is good enough:

“You are the only one for me

You have my heart

With you I want to be”

This card would have been fine, if it was not given to the wrong girl. The names on the card and the envelope were different …

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