3 Steps to Change a Negative Mindset

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Change your mindset in 3 steps

Even if you are the party that initiated the split, a divorce is more often than never a bag filled with mixed emotions. No matter the reason, there are many changes that follow a divorce, like new living arrangements, time with your kids, and your finances are sure to take a hit. Even relationships with mutual family and friends will be severely compromised. Nevertheless, like any other big change that might occur in our lives, it can also open a space for you to reinvent your life. You can start living according to your own priorities, your own goals, and your own wishes. No matter what your problem is, be it divorce, or failed friendships, or financial problems, there are ways to turn your frown upside down. Here are 3 simple steps that one can take in order to change your mindset.

1. Seek the help of a professional – If you are overwhelmed with emotion and it feels like you are unable to manage them, a counselor will be a great source to gain the perspective of a third party that is not personally involved in your situation.

2. If negative thinking cycles persist, stop them. Start by processing what happened, and then determine what your part in the incident was. Make peace with the outcome and start looking for a solution. Doing all of this will assist you as you move forward. If the negative thinking sucks you in, try to imagine a big X through the thought. Say cancel, or stop out loud. You can even slam your fist on a table when you do this to make it more effective.

3. Imagine what the future you want looks like and go for it. Know exactly what your goals and dreams look like for the future. Start imagining this is as much detail as you can and also what your plans are in order to achieve them. Taste it, feel it, know what it sounds like and smell it up as if you were there already. The more you are able to focus on this, the quicker you will be able to draw these thoughts into your reality, letting go of all the negative thinking by default.

There are so many things in life that tend to tear us down or make us feel negative about the world around us. We need to capture these negative thoughts and replace them with beautiful images of whatever makes us happy.

Positive thinking!

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