The 3 Biggest Insurance Claims and Payouts

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Insurance Payout

Listed below are 3 of the biggest insurance claim payouts regarding private claimants. Bigger insurance payouts involve mass payouts to victims of earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. The last claim here will definitely leave you thinking and wondering …

The 3 Biggest Insurance Claims & Payouts: $37 Million (£23 Million)

During 2012, Agnes Collier, a 17 year old student from London, received one of the biggest insurance claim payouts when she was awarded £23 Million. She was involved in a vehicle accident and was left severely disabled. Her mother died in the same accident.

Her payout is based on a lump sum payment of $11.5 million, with additional annual payments up to a total amount of $37 million to help cover her medical expenses.

Agnes is making good progress and plans to study at Oxford or Cambridge. She has the aid of a scribe and some motor function has also returned to her arms.

The 3 Biggest Insurance Claims & Payouts: $7,75 Million (£4,7 Million)

The second biggest of insurance claim payouts was also made in 2012.

In Virginia, a man slipped and fell on ice in his driveway. He broke a number of bones and eventually, seriously complications developed regarding these injuries. Due to the fact that the claimant is a diabetic, treatment was complicated.

The case was awarded in favour of the claimant, because the landlord failed to remove snow and treat the ice-covered areas with sand or salt. This is a requirement of law in the state of Virginia.

The 3 Biggest Insurance Claims & Payouts: $1,5 Million (£910,000)

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Mr Bean or Mr Gold?

Maybe the strangest of the 3 biggest insurance claim payouts, is the case involving Rowan Atkinson, well-known for his portrayal of Mr Bean.

In a historical insurance claim case, he was awarded the biggest car insurance claim ever recorded in the UK. Atkinson slipped on ice, crashed his McLaren into a tree and injured his shoulder. Atkinson’s previous car insurance claim, also involving his beloved McLaren, was also paid out.

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Mr Bean’s McLaren

That leaves us wondering about his current insurance premiums …

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