Proud to live in South Africa

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We are very lucky to be living in South Africa

 Lucky to be living in South Africa? “What the …!” I hear you say. “Just look at the news, read the papers, look around you, for goodness’ sake! It’s mayhem, corruption, murder and economic collapse everywhere!” you rant.

 OK, it is true that South Africa experiences many problems. There are incompetent leaders and many inert civil servants, there is crime and employment is a big problem. Yet, there are also many things that can justifiably make you proud of living in South Africa. Just forget about the negative issues for the moment, and think about the positive.

We have the Mandela legacy

 Nelson Mandela left each and every South African a priceless legacy. He serves as an example of what can be achieved. No other country in the world boasts such a powerful legacy by a man that will forever remain a giant in the eyes of the world. If everybody strives to follow this example, South Africa will become a giant amongst nations. We are lucky to have received such a generous legacy.

We have unparalleled beauty

 Every country has beauty, but none can  surpass the all-encompassing variety that South Africa has. We have spectacular nature reserves and is home to the biggest variety of fauna and flora in the world. We have magnificent beaches, sunshine all year round, majestic mountains and mysterious forests. South Africa is the cradle of mankind and boasts one of the seven natural wonders of the world. We are lucky to live here!

We are free

 The Constitution of South Africa grants all citizens a level of freedom that is the envy of people living in most  other countries. Just look at how successful civil organisations have been in challenging the government in court. Their successes mean that the system works! We are free to be whoever we are, to associate with whomever we will, to worship in the way we choose to and to marry whomever we want, even someone of the same gender! Yes, we are lucky to be free in South Africa.

So, stop a minute and count your blessings

 These are just three reasons why we are lucky to be living in South Africa. There are many more. Perhaps things will be better if we count our blessings instead of complaining all the time.

How to fake it till you make it

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RELAX: You ARE making it while you’re faking it.

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

-William Shakespeare- 

What’s so bad about faking it? Doesn’t everybody? I always flagellated myself for being a fake, until I realised everybody is. Just because I have a big mouth doesn’t mean I am not shivering in my boots, but there is no confessional imperative to ‘fess up all the time. You’ve got to start somewhere, and it is in the doing that one learns to do. Nobody can do everything immediately without actually doing it. A million qualifications do not guarantee ability. Experience is the best teacher. All the clichés apply here.

Even wise Aristotle said, “Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting a particular way. You become just by performing just actions. You become temperate by performing temperate actions. You become brave by performing brave actions.” 


  • Let go of any morality surrounding the false presentation of yourself.
  • Be aware that your money blueprint is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.
  • Believe that you already are the person you wish to be.
  • Know that all power exists in our thoughts.
  • Act optimistic and wealthy. Reality aligns with that – riches and positive things will manifest.
  • Affirm by using positive words about yourself.


Very few people feel courageous all the time, but pretend to be the person you do not have the courage to be, and the surface reality will become true.

Wikipedia even has a definition for ‘fake it till you make it’:

Imitate confidence so that as the confidence produces success,

it will generate confidence.

So just get on with it, and before you know it you are no longer faking it, but making it!      

Author: Suenel Bruwer Holloway

Author: The author is a playwright, poet, speech writer, translator and editor as well as guest writer. She specializes in satirical social commentary, the arts, education, book reviews and three course picnics. She comes from a long line of hat wearers.

Suenel is available for guest posts and can be contacted at the e-mail address provided.




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 Love your Funny Valentine

“Laughter flows where my lovely one goes”

Life is cussed. Things often do not work out the way we imagine. It is often hard for the romantics among us to accept that there is a gap between reality and our dreams. With maturity comes the insight to accept what we cannot perfect. The risk is that one can become cynical if one has too many disappointments. Do NOT let that happen!

The gift of humour

My favourite Valentine’s Day story started off badly but ended well. The participants both had a sense of humour and a gift for having a good time. To this day they share much laughter, and can see humour in many situations that would spoil times … and eventually relationships, for other people.

A friend met her husband while they were both on a flight from Europe to New Zealand.  It happened to be Valentine’s Day and the airline served complimentary champagne to everybody. She started chatting to the Greek gentleman who was seated next to her, who confessed that it was also his birthday. She asked him what he did, what his career was, and whether he was traveling for work or pleasure. He said that he owned a sheep, and was on his way to New Zealand because he wanted to buy another sheep. She thought that he was a poor man, a struggling sheep farmer who owned only one animal, desperately wanting to get hold of another one with a good pedigree, traveling alone on his birthday. She generously ordered the most expensive bottle of champagne they had on board, and toasted him. They exchanged addresses and before she knew what had hit her, he was courting her. It turned out that his accent and his destination, New Zealand, obscured the sense of their conversation: He owned a SHIP, not a sheep, and was in the process of acquiring a second ship. He is a very wealthy shipping magnate. They have been married for 40 years, and on every Valentine’s Day she gives him a small statue or painting of a sheep, and he gives her an ornament or painting of a ship. They stare into each other’s eyes and grin like teenagers.

How to deal with loss and loneliness on Valentine’s Day

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Dealing with sadness on Valentine’s Day

Everybody loves a holiday and St Valentine’s day is particularly popular. This is a happy day that presents the ideal opportunity to show loved ones just how much they are cherished. It is also the ideal time to declare your feelings to a new loved one. Unfortunately, this is also the day when lonely people experience their loneliness more acutely. The same goes for those people who have suffered the loss of a loved one. They feel left out and psychologists agree that depression soars during the build-up towards Valentine’s day.

There is no reason to be lonely and depressed during holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s day. Feelings of depression and loneliness should be seen as a call to action. Every human being is responsible for his or her own happiness. Unhappy and depressed people often push others away, even if they do not consciously try to do so. So, instead of moping and suffering, why not use these holidays as an opportunity to do something positive? Here are two practical ideas:

Join a special interest group

If you are interested in something (and surely everybody is interested in at least one thing!) there is most likely a group or club focusing on that interest. And no, online forums do not count! Join a group with real people. In no time at all you will connect with at least one or two members of the group and thus the foundations for friendship or even more can be laid.

Reach out to others

There are so many lonely people living in old age homes, children’s homes and in places of safety. Volunteer your services. Soon, you will make new friends and you will experience the immense satisfaction of making the lives of other people easier. Spend Valentine’s day at the charity of your choice and give hand-made cards to all and sundry. You will have a fantastic day!

By taking positive action you accept responsibility for your own happiness. Once you take this step you will find that happiness comes from within and from becoming part of the world around you.