Reaching your goals: Practical advice

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5 AUDACIOUS and CREATIVE WAYS to reach your goals

Overcoming Human nature and other stumbling blocks

1.    BOB = Bum On ‘Bankie’. Procrastination is the mother of all evil. I have spent more time and energy on finding convincing excuses for not writing that book than I have writing. Then, while in the midst of household predicaments, adolescent foster child upsets, general penury, and a summer from hell when every insect that sucks blood, bites and stings descended, I wrote a whole book in the space of three weeks – because a deadline loomed. Let’s face it folks, as a species we do not really pray until forced to our knees, diet before we only have one pair of stretched tracksuit pants left that we fit into, or install solar panels unless ESKOM lets us down. Do what you want/have to do NOW! The eventual goal starts with the first step.

2.    BAG= Be Always generous. Do more than what is asked for. Walk the extra mile. This way you will keep the joy and spirit of abundance in your task. Nobody has a mediocre goal – keep your eye on it, and you will not get bogged down in suspicion and make yourself small and grasping.

3.    AND= Avoid Negative Drips. It is all good and well to believe that you should know who you are sufficiently to not be discouraged by people that denigrate your ideas or are critical of your methods, but who is that confident, really? If you feel that some people drain your energy, steer clear of them.

4.    BAT= Be Accountable Trooper. It is easy to blame others for things going wrong, but even if some culpability is required, one cannot force others to acknowledge their share. The best way to move forward is to shoulder the accountability fully. Then others may do so too, but successful people have more often than not become so in spite of the inadequacies of others. Persevere! Blame is counter-productive.


5.    BAFOF= Ban All Fear Of Failure. “Bafof” – nice word! Well, it isn’t a word but it should be. “Oh bafof, you gremlins that erode my faith!”   Effective people are not afraid to fail. If you read the biographies of successful people you will see that they have all failed at some point, learnt from their mistakes, and overcome disasters. You can too. Just do not not reach for you goals because there is a chance of failure.

Summary of 5 audacious tips to reach your goals: BOB, BAG AND BAT shout BAFOF!
 Author: Suenel Bruwer Holloway

Author: Suenel Bruwer Holloway is a playwright, poet, speech writer, translator and editor as well as guest writer. She specializes in satirical social commentary, the arts, education, book reviews and three course picnics. She comes from a long line of hat wearers.

Suenel is available for guest posts and can be contacted at the e-mail address provided.


2015 Predictions – What to expect …

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2015 Predictions: Adjustment and Choice

According to numerology, the year 2015 represents the number 8, which carries the vibration of ‘Adjustment’.

This ‘Adjustment’ will take place on a Global level.

On a personal and individual level, the 2015 prediction is symbolised by the Pythagorean “Y”, which marks the year of ‘The Choice’.

2015 Predictions on a Global Level

Systems on all levels that have outlived their usefulness will topple and fall if they do not make the necessary adjustments in time. This includes systems like governments, banks, medical care, media, education, religion institutions and major industrial and agricultural corporations.

The awakening of the masses will put pressure on the obsolete systems, and be the catalysts responsible for tipping the scales on global change.

Although many of these events have already started to take place, 2015 will be known as the Gr8 Shift.

This is not a message of doom, but a reminder that change is the substance of support. All man-made structures with the intent to control will decay, even though this collapse may be orchestrated by the few for a larger agenda.

The important message of 2015 Predictions on a Global Level is not to allow fear to influence the choice that you, the individual, have to make.

2015 Predictions on an Individual Level

The perception of Money (or the lack of it) marks a great turn-around for many people. New systems of exchange will pop up everywhere, and the existing ones will boom. The new gold is self-sustainability and self-sufficiency.

There will also be a marked change of perception with regards to Love. For many 2015 will be the year in which twin-souls re-unite. This love union will not be intended as a romantic union per se, but the grouping of individuals in partnerships to prepare the soil for the harvest.

Co-creation will be the driving force.

Many individuals will be presented with The Choice. Suffice to say that there will be two major paths to choose from. Be assured that it will be clearly shown, and the choice can be made in full awareness.

Charlie Hebdo and freedom of speech

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A Look at … CHARLIE HEBDO and freedom of speech

Offending our liberal sentiments

The recent killings in Paris at the offices of the satirical weekly, Charlie Hebdo, had a worldwide reaction entirely disproportionate to the actual death toll (12 in the attack and 2 policemen). Astonishingly it prompted a demonstration by millions of people. France has flooded the streets with soldiers and police “to keep people safe”.2000 people died in Nigeria recently too, many of the girls abducted by Boko Haram have still not been rescued, a ten year old was used as a suicide bomber, Palestinians die daily in the territories occupied by Israel, a mortuary-based study concluded that in South Africa a woman is killed by an intimate partner every six hours, and Rape Crisis reports disturbing statistics of rape of under-aged girls. A new law in Russia states that homosexuals and transsexuals will not be issued with drivers’ licences for medical reasons. Three journalists from Al Jazeera have been in prison in Egypt for more than a year. In Kabul exists a custom of resistance, the Bacha Posh – girls that are raised and presented as boys because women have almost no rights in their society.

This is the state of our world. Human rights, of which freedom of speech is one, are not exactly upheld everywhere, are they? This begs several questions:

  • “Which lives are deserving of being mourned?”
  • Which lives deserve to be protected?”
  • “Who has freedom of expression …ever? “

The French – upholders of rights

“I disagree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it.”

This wonderful democratic ideal (in all its many permutations) has been ascribed to Voltaire. Marvellous concept, but is this not a luxury for the very few? For most people their identities are tied up with their belief system. It requires enormous philosophical maturity to be able to see the tenets according to which we define ourselves to ourselves, mocked. I cannot even at all times speak my mind in my own home, without hurting somebody.  We have to remain sensitive and respectful and in doing so we can but hope that the same will be done unto us. Berlusconi was reprimanded for his Jewish joke and claimed the right to free speech.  When asked if he minded the many cartoons depicting him in his silly glass box ‘Pope-mobile’ with his sandaled feet pedalling away underneath, the pontiff had the grace to say he totally loved it- it made people think.


“accepted standards of right and good vary with environment and from person to person”

I think (tsk) that what cartoonists try to do is to make us think. They make meaning with pictures out of complicated issues – we literally do not have the words. President Zuma’s appalling behaviour around the ghastly issue of rape and HIV, (as if his polygamy and being the begetter of 32 children is not embarrassing enough to South Africans) … could only be put into perspective by that shower head that followed him around in cartoons in the media. Satire ‘relativises’ things for us, but this is only possible when we are secure in ourselves and our beliefs. If you do not know who you are, the denigration of the symbols that prop you up is hugely humiliating, and humiliation is the pathway to violence.

The problem with all religions is that it has no relativistic ability; it deals in ultimates.  From there it is a short step to knowing what is right for other people. The road to individuation is long and painful, and in the meantime people feel they must belong to a group to feel secure.  Naturally membership of the group curtails freedom of expression, as it weakens the group.


“never teach politics; it is far too criminal a subject to teach children.” (W.H Auden)

To see a complacent Benjamin Netanyahu, a man who has no respect for the lives of Palestinians, walking in the post Charlie Hebdo parade, made me re-think the whole situation. A member of the Charlie Hebdo staff said, sweepingly, in an interview that secularism was under attack. That is as fundamental a notion as the belief system that supposedly launched the act of terror. Then the two suspects are conveniently killed, and cannot be questioned. This was after the one brother was considerate enough to leave his identity card in the car. Amazingly amateurish for Al Qaeda inspired assassins, don’t you think? Too many aspects do not rhyme in this whole business, and I am 99% certain we do not know the truth of matters.

In the meantime, who has benefited from the whole debacle? Certainly it has hugely damaged the credibility of the principles of Islam and the intentions of Islamic organisations. On the other hand, certainly the right wing in France has scored major popularity points, and immigration will become a dirty word. Certainly the magazine itself – from printing 60 000 copies before the massacre they sold out 3 million copies in twelve languages.

I think something good (possibly purely accidentally) has come out of the horror: leaders from all over the world and from various ideological standpoints (including prominent Islamic figures) united to protest against terrorism. It is time for leaders to condemn attacks on civilians openly – silence has been consent for too long. The leaders of the Islamic world have to speak out more strongly. Just remember that Obama and Cameron … like Bush and Blair before them, also have blood on their hands when it comes to the loss of civilian lives.

Comedy is an act of courage, but so is daily life in Syria … and on the Cape flats.

Will a million people rally in protest for them?


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Choices, choices …

Everything in life comes down to our own choices, really. All the good and the bad stuff happening to us is the direct result of the choices we made up to that moment. If we live the same way, make all the same decisions and do all the things in the same way we used to in the past, our future will be exactly the same. If your life is perfect and you are perfectly happy with everything, it is fantastic then!

What if your life isn’t completely what you like it to be? It is difficult to take responsibility for the things you believe to be someone else’s fault. We commonly like to play the Blaming Game, rather than taking charge. It is so much easier to avoid making those tough choices we know we have to. Sometimes we just have to toughen up. What better time than the brand new year of 2015 for making the necessary changes. Why settle for a mediocre year if you could choose for 2015 to be nothing less than spectacular?

Oh my Goodness, Someone Moved My Cheese!

It might be much easier said than done if the rug was pulled out from under your feet and your life was thrown into turmoil. We as human beings mostly like things to always be more or less the same. We feel threatened when things get difficult. The only thing in life we can always be one hundred percent certain of, is Change. Everything else can vary at any given moment without warning.

Dr. Spencer Johnson wrote a curious, but brilliant little book called “Who Moved My Cheese?” The mouse characters looking to find their (metaphoric) cheese, had to deal with their fear of change when the cheese was moved to another location in the maze.


If all of us would just take these wise words to heart and really, really live them out, we would live in a complete different world! It is so much easier to be the popular yes-man, than to actually take action. Let us all be the change we want to see in 2015!

Author: Maritha Koortzen

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