2015 Predictions – What to expect …

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2015 Predictions: Adjustment and Choice

According to numerology, the year 2015 represents the number 8, which carries the vibration of ‘Adjustment’.

This ‘Adjustment’ will take place on a Global level.

On a personal and individual level, the 2015 prediction is symbolised by the Pythagorean “Y”, which marks the year of ‘The Choice’.

2015 Predictions on a Global Level

Systems on all levels that have outlived their usefulness will topple and fall if they do not make the necessary adjustments in time. This includes systems like governments, banks, medical care, media, education, religion institutions and major industrial and agricultural corporations.

The awakening of the masses will put pressure on the obsolete systems, and be the catalysts responsible for tipping the scales on global change.

Although many of these events have already started to take place, 2015 will be known as the Gr8 Shift.

This is not a message of doom, but a reminder that change is the substance of support. All man-made structures with the intent to control will decay, even though this collapse may be orchestrated by the few for a larger agenda.

The important message of 2015 Predictions on a Global Level is not to allow fear to influence the choice that you, the individual, have to make.

2015 Predictions on an Individual Level

The perception of Money (or the lack of it) marks a great turn-around for many people. New systems of exchange will pop up everywhere, and the existing ones will boom. The new gold is self-sustainability and self-sufficiency.

There will also be a marked change of perception with regards to Love. For many 2015 will be the year in which twin-souls re-unite. This love union will not be intended as a romantic union per se, but the grouping of individuals in partnerships to prepare the soil for the harvest.

Co-creation will be the driving force.

Many individuals will be presented with The Choice. Suffice to say that there will be two major paths to choose from. Be assured that it will be clearly shown, and the choice can be made in full awareness.